Reality TV...REALLY?!

A few years ago when "Reality TV" became so popular, Caitlin was talking to me about one of the shows and Robby suddenly interjected, "STOP...How 'real' do you actually think these programs can be?  After all, there is an entire camera crew right there with them.  Caitlin sighed and said, "Gosh, ruin everything!"  Well, here lately, Robby seems to have gotten himself addicted to a little "Reality TV" of his own.

Many of the reality television series are quite glamorous and addictive for viewers.  OK...what woman can't resist getting in on some gossip from those "Housewives"...or perhaps the love lives of the Bachelor or Bachelorette.  And although I'm not much of a cook, I really enjoy the cooking shows; The Cake Boss and Chopped are a couple of my favorites.  But one of the "reality" shows out there has captured the attention of MANY men...including the ones in my own family; "Swamp People"!

"Swamp People" apparently has a HUGE following among the male population.  Robby, who shall I remind you thought "Reality TV" was absolutely silly has actually begun recording this show so as not to miss an episode.  YEP!  And so, because we DO live in the same house, I have caught bits and pieces of this show, therefore, I am compelled to make a few observations concerning it.

First, please be aware that not everyone who lives in Louisiana is a "swamp person".  Oh yes, there ARE indeed swamps here in Louisiana AND "swamp people".  I'm sure that there are even "some" that hang from my own family tree that are not far removed from these folks.  However, MOST of us do NOT hail from or currently live in a swamp.  As a matter of fact, the only time that I get near a swamp is when we are driving across the Atchafalaya Basin to get to Baton Rouge or New Orleans.  Further more, one would also NEVER find me (if I for some reason were standing near a swamp...) with ANY part of my body in that swamp water!  Because there really ARE alligators in there.  THAT brings me to my next point...the alligators, snakes or any other creatures living in the swamp. 

Those guys who are on "Swamp People" go out and hunt alligators.  I realize this, but please know that MOST people who live here do NOT get in a boat and go out in search of alligators to wrestle with and kill.  Yes...alligator IS served in restaurants here (I have personally never eaten it, but am told it "tastes just like chicken"...), but alligator hunting is not as popular as say, deer, duck or squirrel hunting.  And may I interject here, that those type of hunters dress a little differently than the "Swamp People".  And they are also required to take Hunter Safety Courses for those sports too.  I'm not so sure about the safety aspect of alligator hunting, considering those guys have accidentally shot each other...several times.

If you have ever seen this show, you will also notice that writing appears across the screen indicating what the "Swamp People" are saying.  I must admit that THIS is only for the benefit of those individuals NOT native to Louisiana; sadly, I can understand this dialect perfectly.  Don't is just as clear as a bell to me.  I wasn't really sure WHY they needed to be interpreted until Caitlin told me other folks not from Louisiana had a difficult time understanding what they were saying.

"Swamp People" has become a "regular" at our home these days.  And just like Caitlin and me, I now hear Robby talking to and about the characters on the if he personally knows them.  At times he becomes so glued to this show, that one need not attempt to disturb him until it is over.  Dare I remind him that only a few short years ago we were told how "silly" and "unreal" Reality TV was?  Hmmm...I'm SURE that somehow he would try to convince me that "Man Reality TV" is different...REALLY?!

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