Lent, Holy Week, Good Friday and Easter Sunday...What Does It All Mean To YOU?

I gave up texting for Lent and although it has been quite a sacrifice for me, I had to ponder the REAL REASON I even considered making a sacrifice (small as it was...) during this season.  And then as I was sitting in a restaurant eating dinner this week, I saw "IT".

As I was sitting in that restaurant one evening with Robby waiting for my meal to arrive, I glanced out the window because I noticed something unusual.  There was a man walking across the parking lot...carrying a large wooden cross on his back.  The cross was very big and appeared to be made out of solid wood and to help with the weight of the load, there was a wheel attached to it.  This caught my eye as I pointed it out to Robby.  And then I began to "Think".

Perhaps this was the man's purpose in carrying that cross on his back around town; to cause people who saw him to pause (if only for a moment...) and ponder the magnitude of the "Cross".  The cross is a universal symbol for Christians around the world.  I personally have a cross on me at almost any given time; either in my purse or on a piece of jewelry I might be wearing.  I do not wear the cross casually.  For me, it evokes  feelings of my deep love, abiding faith and gratitude that Christ died (and rose...) so that I may live.

During this season of Lent, Holy Week, Good Friday and Easter Sunday many of us prepare for a "holiday" season.  We, as Christians should prepare for a "holy day" season.  Easter is a time when reflection should be the focus for us.  Reflection on the sacrifice that Christ made for us.  Oh, we only think we know what sacrifice is, but there has been no "truer" sacrifice than the one that Christ made for us.  When I think about this, I have to say..."WOW...Someone loved me THAT MUCH!"  That is so inconceivable for me, as a human, to grasp.  Would I be willing to ever sacrifice my life for someone?  And that He knew that this was his destiny from the beginning?  That He would suffer unbelievably on that "Cross"...the very "Cross" that we sometimes wear so casually...and KNOW that they would treat Him so unfairly and that He could save himself from it...but DID NOT...for my sake...for the world's sake.  THIS moves me like nothing else can or ever will.

So, on the eve of Easter Sunday, I must admit that I did make it through the Lenten season not even sacrificing 100%.  Oh, I committed to giving up text messaging for the entire Lenten season and did quite well...however, I DID text a few times.  It disappoints me that I did this.  But I realize that I "tried" and that stands for something.  I attempted to "sacrifice" something that wasn't even that significant.  I was committed "somewhat", but knew that it wasn't a life changing event; that if I text messaged or not would not change the world.  And THAT makes what Christ did for ME (and YOU...) even more meaningful.  He was TOTALLY committed to changing the world forever...there was NO backing out for HIM even though He could have saved himself.  And for THAT GRACE (God's undeserved loving kindness shown to me...) He bestowed upon me I am eternally grateful.

Praise God...HE LIVES!!!  Happy Easter to all of you!

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