No Drinks Allowed On The Metro?...REALLY!?

While I was in D.C., Caitlin decided to take me to a cute little shop across town.  I told her that we could take a taxi, but she insisted that hopping on the Metro (their subway system...) would be easier and less expensive since she had a couple of cards we could use.  Robby and I rode the subways in New York all the time when we visited there so it didn't bother me.

The first thing I noticed about the Metro was that there was an escalator leading down to the train.  In New York, you don't see this.  Also unlike the New York subways, the train area was large and had high ceilings...AND it was not crowded at all.  Caitlin and I had stopped by Starbucks on our way there so we took our drinks with us to a little bench and sat down to wait for our train...YEAH!  There are little benches to sit on in there too.  While we were sitting there, an older man with a young teenage girl came over to where we were sitting.  I scooted over to make room for them and as they settled down, the man bent over and asked if we were from the area.  I shook my head as Caitlin explained that she was living there for the semester.  He then said, "Well, I was just wondering because you know that you're not supposed to have drinks in here?"  I turned and gave Caitlin a questioning look that said, "Are we NOT supposed to have drinks on the subway?"  She told me not to worry; she ALWAYS brought drinks on it and besides there were NEVER any cops around.  And then I thought, oh, this guy is just a "rule follower".  We're breaking a rule and FINALLY having an "adventure" here in D.C....YES!  THEN the man said, "It really doesn't matter to ME, but if the subway police catch you they will fine you." although I liked the idea of an "adventure", I did NOT like the idea of having to pay a fine.  I looked at Caitlin as if to say, "Well???"  She assured me that we would be OK as our train pulled up and we jumped on.

The minute we stepped on the train we saw a subway cop!  CRAP!  I quickly stuck my drink in my purse (hoping it didn't spill...) and Caitlin, not having a purse with her, stuffed hers inside her jacket.  We walked in the opposite direction of him and sunk into our seat.  She told me that truly she had never seen a cop in the subway since she had been living there.  I wondered how much the fine would be if caught with a drink..."$500", she said.  WHAT!?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??  She sort of laughed and admitted that she really didn't know.

As we exited the train and turned in one direction to find our way back to the street, a couple of cops were coming straight toward us.  OH MY GOSH!!!  We headed the other way and there was a GROUP of cops standing there!  Suddenly the situation reminded me of one of those movies where the person is running from someone and everywhere they turn...there they are!  I kept my coffee in my purse and Caitlin kept her drink tucked away, as well as we bit the bullet and dashed past them.  WHEW...We made it!  As we were leaving the terminal, I noticed this framed poster on the wall and had to snap a quick picture of it...
OH MY GOSH...It really IS against the law to eat or drink on the Metro!!!
What "Adventurous Little Rebels" We Are!

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