When A Tuesday Becomes A MONDAY!!!

Most of you know that when I was working...in the "real world", I didn't really like Mondays that well.  So, when I began to work at Robby's office one day a week, I chose that day to be Tuesday.  I know, I know...it's purely mental.  Well, often times, the week itself gets a little bit mixed up and throws me a Monday on a Tuesday...OH, how I HATE when that happens.

So, my Tuesday began with an early alarm clock wake up at 6 a.m.  I kissed Robby as he headed out the door before I left.  He reminded me that we had a meeting there at 9 and I told him that I would be there in plenty of time for that.  Pouring my first cup of coffee while preparing to leave, the phone rang; it was Robby...he must have forgotten something.  Let me first explain that one must understand exactly how Robby's mind works.  It only knows one speed...FAST.  I always tell him that thoughts run through his mind at such a pace that most people cannot keep up with him.  My mind, on the other hand, likes to SLOWLY wrap itself around an idea or concept and then think on it for a while.  In the mornings, I don't really want to wrap my mind around anything before I've had that first (or second...) cup of coffee.  So, when I answered the phone, he immediately began to throw these ideas and possible scenarios out at me until I finally said, "STOP"...I haven't even had my coffee yet and I can't deal with all of this fast brain movement this early in the morning."  He apologized for slamming me with so much information at that time of day and once again told me that he would see me at the office.

I arrived at the office and began working.  At 9:30, I realized that our 9 O'clock appointment had not arrived yet.  I reminded Robby that I had to leave the office no later than 10:15 for a couple more appointments I had scheduled and if she needed my signature on those papers, she better be getting there.  He phoned the woman who told him that she had hit her alarm snooze button and overslept...OK, now WHO tells you that?!  Make something up, but DON'T  tell me that!  He told her that I had to leave the office by 10:15; she told him she was on her way.  She eventually showed up at 10.  While she leisurely flipped through her pile of papers, I began signing and intermittently looking at my watch.  I got out of there at exactly 10:15...a little aggravated, but still running on time.

I hadn't been at my first appointment 10 minutes when my cell phone rang.  I didn't recognize the number and usually don't answer a number that is not familiar to me; this day I did.  It was the "Late Appointment Lady".
The first question I had to ask myself was, "How did she get my cell number?"  She quickly informed me that I had failed to sign one page...ummm, let's see now...I believe that it was HER who put the papers in front of me to sign (ugh!!!).  She asked if she could just come over to where I was and get me to sign it.  "NO...(I didn't really intend to be hard to deal with...OK, maybe subconsciously it was because of that "running late issue"...) I will be back at my office at 12:30 and you can meet me there at that time," I stated.  She agreed to this (what other choice did she have?)

As I pulled up to the office, I saw "Late Appointment Lady" sitting in her car in the parking lot. I turned my engine off and exited my vehicle as she rushed over to me with the missing signature paper attached to a clipboard.  She instructed me to "sign my complete legal name" (I had already been told this 1,000 times...).  I did this and she left.  After finishing up my work at the office, I headed out to run errands...and THIS is where things really got ugly; literally!  I suppose I should explain...

Perhaps one day I will learn from my past mistakes.  When Caitlin was in high school and involved in cheer leading, I ran into her head cheerleader out in town.  Later that evening, Caitlin laughed as she told me what the girl asked her.  She said, "Caitlin, has your mother been sick?"  "No, not that I am aware of...why?"  "Well," the girl continued, "I saw her in town today and she looked like she had just gotten out of bed.  She was wearing a baggy sweatshirt and her hair was all pulled up and she didn't have any make-up on."  Well, anyone who knows me well, knows that is the way I usually look during the week.  I get up, put my hair in a pony tail and head off to the gym.  I'm not getting all dolled up if I don't really have anywhere important to go...that takes WAY too much time.  SO...as I said, perhaps one day I will learn to take a cue from the past.  On this particular day, however, I did not.  I had to drop a package off at the UPS Store for Caitlin, but remembered that there was a little something extra that I wanted to include in it.  I ran across the street to the boutique to get the item and THAT is where the ugliness began.  As I was grabbing the item, the shop owner asked me to come over and look at her computer so she could show me some new lines she had picked up at Market.  As I was doing this, the man at the counter took out his camera and said, "Let me get a shot of y'all for my paper."  CRAP!!!  I felt like a deer caught in the headlights as I screwed my mouth around and odd sounds, not resembling words, came from my throat.  My friend threw her arm around me and said, "SURE!"  UGH...I was NOT believing this!  Sure, it was no big deal to her, who had her lovely blonde hair perfectly in tact with cute clothes and jewelry on...not to mention make-up.  I, on the other hand was sporting my usual work-out attire with hair slicked back in a pony tail, no make-up on and glasses to boot!!!  My mind was swirling as I wondered WHAT I could do to look a little better in the photo since there was obviously NO WAY of getting out of it at this point.  We smiled (me, sort of...), he clicked and suddenly this day had gone from bad to UGLY (literally...)!

I drove over to the UPS Store and dropped Caitlin's package off and then my car's auto pilot took over and I found myself sitting in front of the cupcake shop.  I was thinking about indulging myself in my favorite cupcake, "Attitude Adjustment", when my phone rang and saved me from the excessive calories; it was Caitlin.  I informed her that I took a MAJOR HIT by running in to get her a little something special...she sure better like it!  It was time for me to go home before something else happened on this Tuesday turned Monday.

The next morning as I was sweating away on the elliptical machine at the gym, my trainer approached me.  His wife owns the cupcake shop (I know...I think it's a conspiracy; she puts the calories in us while her husband works them off of us...).  Apparently he was at the shop when I drove into the parking lot the previous day.  He said he told his wife that I must be having a REALLY rough day if I was coming to get a cupcake.  I told him, "You have NO idea..."  I hope it will be a very long time before a Tuesday (or any other day for that matter) becomes a Monday again!

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