Elle's D.C. Update: She Had A BAD Day...

Elle's time in Washington, D.C. is winding down and she and I BOTH will be glad for her to be "Back in Da Boot".  She called me one day last week...several times, actually and by the end of the day, I found myself humming that song, "Ya Had a Bad Day"; you know...the one they used to send people home to on American Idol.

That morning Elle had caught a bus, as usual, to work. Apparently, the bus ride was rougher than usual and she commented that it was making her car sick.  Now, some people may use the old "carsickness routine" to get the front seat while riding in a car, I know that car sickness really exists.  I experienced it quite often as a child, having to stop on the side of the road to frequently throw up.  On this particular morning, Elle found herself in this very same situation.  As the bus continued to roll down the road, Elle's stomach began to roil.  And as it became evident that this would NOT end nicely, she politely approached the bus driver to ask if she could possibly let her off of the bus since she was about to throw up.  "No.  You can wait until we reach the next bus stop; just like everybody else."  ALRIGHTY THEN...have it your way.  And then Elle threw up right there on the steps!  Guess what else...the bus driver stopped and let her off of the bus.

After work, Elle had to meet her class on "The Hill" for a class presentation.  Her group had been working on a project and part of the presentation included taking questions from other classmates.  The only problem with THIS was that Elle was having to defend an issue that she did not believe in.  She had prepared, rehearsed and even made note cards, however, what she had NOT prepared for was the amount of questions hurled at her.  You see, some (OK...all) of her classmates knew her stance on the issue and decided that it would be "interesting" to direct most of the questions to her.  And the professor?  Well, let's remember that this IS Washington, D.C.; the city that THRIVES on debate and controversy.  Needless to say, Elle left this particular presentation frustrated, angry and I quote, "Wanting to punch someone in the face!"  Hmmm...The day was not going very well, but SURELY things would get better...after all, the day was coming to a close.

That "getting better, day coming to an end thing"???  Well, it didn't exactly happen quite like that.  I was just sitting back watching a little T.V. when I heard my text messages going off (remember, I'm still not texting until after Easter, BUT people continue to send them to me...).  I walked over, picked my phone up and began to read..."3 text messages from Caitlin"...Hmmm.  As I began to open them up, I started with, "Oh no!...Oh my gosh!...Hand me the house phone!"  THAT got Robby's attention as he asked what was going on.  It seems that Caitlin had decided since her day had gone so awry, that she would not go straight home but instead go to get her hair done.  Now, this would not have been a problem if she had simply asked him to "do the usual"; we KNEW that he was capable of a foil and highlight.  As a matter of fact, he had it so blonde now that Ryan had inquired if she was attempting to resemble "Malibu Barbie".  Thus, she told this hairdresser that she wanted it to be a darker blonde this time; THAT is where all the trouble began!  It seems that in his attempt to give Elle a "darker blonde look", he had given her a...GRAY LOOK!  Yep!  She was still sitting in his chair, refusing to leave until he got it back to ANY color other than gray.  This was a hard one to help "fix" from long distance.   Although I was concerned about all of her hair possibly falling out, she insisted on having it "fixed"...OH, did I mention that she was scheduled to fly out the next afternoon heading to Kentucky...to meet the rest of her boyfriend's family???  Yea, now THAT puts a different spin on everything, doesn't it?  So, after much discussion from both Robby and me (he told her all the right "Dad stuff" about how she would be beautiful with gray hair or even no hair), she allowed him to cover that gray.  It turned "brownish gray". 

Well, Elle DEFINITELY "Had A Bad Day".  However, the next morning found her dashing out of her apartment with her head covered, back to the hairdresser; he "somewhat" fixed it.  Then off to work and then Kentucky.  The photos she sent to me that day found her a little happier, with a smile on her face.  I'm not sure if that smile was due to the fact that she no longer had gray hair or was headed to see Kevin...OR if she was happy she had taken Scarlett's advice. "Thinking about things TOMORROW" really WAS a good idea!

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