Back In "The Big Easy"...For Another WHITE COAT

Robby and I headed back down to New Orleans this past weekend. We went back again so soon because Ryan was having his White Coat Ceremony at the LSU School of Dentistry.

It had only been three years ago that we had traveled to Kentucky for David's White Coat Ceremony at his medical school. WOW! TWO "White Coats"...What in the WORLD was I gonna do with TWO "Smarty Pants"?! If there is one thing I AM proud of though as a parent, it is that all the hard work (and money on private education and tutors...) paid off; my kids know what it means to value a good education.

Watching Ryan receive his White Coat was very meaningful for me in many ways. You see, whenever my children were younger, I decided that I would see to it that they were well educated; this was just something that was very important to me. Oh, I know you might be thinking that was because I was a teacher. Well...not back then, I wasn't'; I didn't return to school to complete my education degree until after Caitlin was born and several years old. I just always thought that a good education was something that I could make sure my kids had that no one could ever take away from them. I also knew that it would open doors for them that could make their lives easier. Well, as I watched my Poo Bear (my pet name for Ryan...) go up and receive that White Coat, all I could think about was all the homework we had done together...and class projects...and especially those multiplication tables that I thought he would NEVER learn.

I have never said that my children are the smartest, but I sure will have to say that they are the ones who work the hardest and give everything they have towards reaching a goal. This is ONE PROUD MAMA!...Way to go, Ryan; Congratulations on receiving your WHITE COAT! Hey!...Does this mean that in a couple years I will get FREE dental care?!

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