Dear PINTEREST, ...Oh How You Pique My INTEREST!

Just what I needed...a "new obsession" (sigh...).  I had only glanced at "Pinterest" before this past weekend and NOW?!  Well, I'm "hooked"!

Tabitha, Caitlin's maid of honor, was over helping us address invitations to the upcoming engagement party, when all of a sudden she said, "Mrs. Barbara, come here and look at some pictures I pinned on Pinterest."  BOOM!  My eyes popped open a little wider, as I quickly dropped what I was doing and headed around to the other side of the bar.  She began to show me some GREAT photos that she had pinned and then all of her boards.  "OH MY GOSH!  INVITE ME!!!  I have been waiting for someone to invite me."  She did it right then...and by the same time the next afternoon, I had more pictures and boards that she did!

I realized right away that I could only allow myself to get immersed in the "World of Pinterest" whenever I had absolutely nothing else to do.  WHY?  Well, if you too have a "Pinterest Addiction", you KNOW why.  For those of you who do not...let me explain.

One of the reasons I love thumbing through magazines is because of all the lovely and interesting photographs in them.  Those photographs in turn trigger ideas that I would like to one day implement.  From time to time, I have been known to rip those pages out and put them back somewhere (Anywhere...Everywhere...) so I will not forget the neat idea.  When Robby and I built our different homes over the years, I had a FOLDER of ripped out magazine pictures; so many that the contractor told him that he needed to throw all of my magazines away!  Anyway, Pinterest is sort of like my "Magazine Picture Addiction" (I KNOW...I find that I have MANY addictions...).  Once you have a "Pinterest Account" all you need to do is set up a "user name" and "password" and you are set to begin collecting "Ideas"!

Your Pinterest account will start you out with a few "Idea Boards" but you can also add other boards of "ideas" or things that interest you.  Go to the "Search" bar and type in nearly ANYTHING and then browse the collection and PIN!  What are some of my "Pinterest Board" categories?  Fireplaces, weathered barns, covered bridges, watercolor paintings, home ideas...and wedding ideas, of course...just to name a FEW!  Once I sit down and begin to search and browse, I become TOTALLY immersed in this "new obsession" of mine. 

Pinterest has DEFINITELY captured my interest...long with many other people.  I am aware that the LAST thing I need is ANOTHER obsession, so I am attempting to limit my time on there; sort of like limiting my intake of carbohydrates.  However, there is a time and place for both Pinterest AND carbohydrates, so I thought of "One Positive" for this new obsession (you should ALWAYS try to find ONE positive to justify something...).  Here is is:  If I'm just "collecting pictures", then I'm not actually spending any money!  No money buying the items OR the magazines...(yet!)

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