It's My PARTY, I'll Change If I Want To...

I procrastinate.  Often times that gets me in a little trouble.  I was reminded of this the other day while Robby was going through the mail.  Our Voter Registration Cards came in for all 6 of us.  Caitlin watched as he read each person's name and party affiliation out loud.  As he came to my name, her eyes became WIDE as she gasped, "MOM!"  Ugh...I had some explaining to do.

When I was 18 years old, I did what all 18 year olds did...I went down and registered to vote.  That was just a right of passage, like getting one's driver's license at 15...yes, you heard me right; we drove by ourselves at 15!  Anyway, I never really thought about "party affiliation", although over the years, I became more and more outspoken about my political beliefs.  I have never really been a "party voter"; I just chose a candidate who stood for the same ideas that I did.  However, about a year and a half ago, I decided I would change my party affiliation.  But, everyone knows that me "deciding" to do something and actually "doing" it are two TOTALLY different things.

Robby came home with the form for me to change me affiliation, while I began to softly sing, "It's My Party, I'll Cry If I Want To"...substituting the word "cry" to "change" and then he instructed me where to return it before election time. THAT'S where I got into the trouble.  You know, the part where I am required to take it back downtown.  THAT'S where my procrastination comes into play.  Let's just say, I never got "around to" taking that form back and before I knew was time for an election.  Robby actually drove me down to the Parish Barn to vote.  He had already cast his vote and sat in the car to wait for me.  As I walked in, I was thankful that there wasn't a line.  I handed my driver's license over to the lady, signed my name and entered the voting booth.  I knew who I was going to cast my vote for, but I seemed to be having a little problem getting his button to light up.  I stood there for a moment and tried a couple more times...and then it hit me; maybe I couldn't vote outside of my party!  I stood there a little while longer before I stuck my head out of the curtain and said, "I can't get this button to push."  Looking at me with exasperation, one of the ladies asked, "Are you trying to vote outside of your party?"  Suddenly I felt like I was back in elementary school again...I replied with a shaky smile, "I guess so."  And before she could reprimand me, I added, "If I can't vote for who I want to, I just don't want to vote at all any more."  Now THAT got her attention!  "What do you mean," she inquired?  "I don't want to vote inside my party, so just scratch my name off of that list."  Their mouths were agape now as they tried to explain that they would need to find out how to "officially" scratch my name off of the list...OK, whatever; just do it!  When I got back into the car, I DID get reprimanded by my husband...

And so, I have not really though about that little incident until recently...last week to be exact.  Robby informed me that we were helping host a political event and I needed to attend the event with him (ugh...).  I really don't like going to those sorts of things for many reasons, therefore, I threw all of those reasons out in hopes that I would not have to attend.  Finally, I admitted that I would feel like a spy if I went.  Confused, he asked me why.  "Well, I can guarantee, that I will most likely be the only ***** there!"  He began to laugh as he said, "You're probably right, but being 'different' has never bothered you before; you're going!"  I had given it my best effort and failed.  As I got dressed for that event, I told myself, "It's My Party, I'll Change If I Want To..."  And then I thought...I really DID 'WANT' to; I sure hoped the wind would blow the right way and motivate this procrastinator to get down there before the next election!

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