The "M WORD" Revisited...

I am "revisiting" the "M WORD" (for those of you who have just started reading...menopause). I am not "revisiting" the subject because I WANT to, but because apparently IT wants me to. And if you don't know by now...That darn "M WORD" is going to have its way no matter WHAT YOU want to do (sigh...)! I thought that I had made it perfectly clear that I was in NO WAY, SHAPE or FORM going to do that "M WORD" thing. I had resisted age at every corner; I bleached my hair on a regular basis, bought cute outfits to keep me looking younger, done TONS of yoga and other fitness classes, embraced the vegetarian lifestyle and bought some of the best skin care products available. Oh...I had caught the winks and nods of those members of my family as I would say or do something that indicated that the "M WORD" was trying to take over my body and I would in turn give them all a growl and the evil eye. HEY! Kevin (before he became my future son-in-law...), even sent me an "M WORD" book for a Christmas present...I KNOW!!! How DARE he?! I'm surprised that I even allowed him to continue dating my daughter! Anyway, as hard as I've tried, it seems that as my 50th year continues to creep upon me, that unwelcome "M WORD" has begun to rear its ugly head. Resigning myself (sort of...) to the fact that I could not escape this dreaded journey that lay ahead of me, I did what I always do; reasearch alternative ways to approach it. A doctor actually gave me a prescription to help me with my research. It was a prescription to read another book (ugh...was I going to be DOOMED to reading self-help books now?). He prescribed Suzanne Somers' book, "THE SEXY YEARS". He told me that after I read it, I would most likely be contacting him. "YEA RIGHT!", I thought. I was resistant a little at first; not even wanting to go near a book store to open the cover of that "prescribed book". I suppose I knew that if I opened it, I would begin to read it and then I would be sunk...It might capture my attention enough to make me finish it. Well, Robby (who knew about this prescription...) stopped by the book store one day...found the book...and just placed it in my hands. I opened the book and began to read. And as I did, I found out some REALLY interesting things about the "M WORD". The first thing that I found out was that Suzanne Somers went into the "M WORD" just like I was doing (WAIT...did I just say that?). She dreaded it and hated it and it seemed like all doctors were doing for women entering the "M WORD" was prescribing a "one for all" hormone medication and possibly other drugs to assist in the dark passage of old age. Hmmm...I NEVER wanted to take any hormones at all (never mind that dar and scary passage of old age...), but how could doctors even THINK of prescribing a "one for all" hormone for ALL women, who if they hadn't noticed were ALL DIFFERENT. The more I read this book, the more it began to make sense to me. The hormones that most doctors prescribe for their patients are "synthetic hormones". These hormones not only do not correct all of a woman's hormonal imbalances (which vary from individual to individual...), but many over the years have actually been quite harmful to their health. And THAT is what has had me stuck all of these years concerning the "M WORD" and hormone usage. First, let me say that there is absolutely NO WAY that I could ever explain to you everything that is included in, "THE SEXY YEARS" PLEASE READ IT YOURSELF! I CAN, however, tell you that after reading it, I have a totally different outlook on the "M WORD". OH...not to the point that I can actually SAY the word yet, but my attitude IS improving a bit. You see, by reading the book, I was introduced to "Biodentical Hormones". These are NOT the synthetic type, which is the "one hormone fits all type", but a more natural approach to hormones; biodentical hormones are made from plants. This is how it works: You need to find a doctor who will do a complete hormone panel blood test on you. Sadly, most of your OB/GYN's will not do this. DON'T let that stop you...find yourself one who will; I did! You will get this blood work done and it will tell your "hormone specialist" EXACTLY what hormones you need tweaked in YOUR body. Then, he will prescribe a SPECIFIC hormone JUST FOR YOU. Your prescription will be filled at a "compounding pharmacy" that makes this; it can be in pill form, but most compound it in a cream form that is rubbed on your inner thigh. Does this not sound EXCITING to you?! Just think about it...A safe alternative to the synthetic type of hormone that is made specifically for YOUR hormonal needs! I am going down to New Orleans (they have a lab that does the test there) to have my blood test done this week. By next week, I will have the results back and then I will be scheduled to see the doctor; there is one who travels to Baton Rouge about twice a month. You may be asking...What is the drawback? There must be, because this sounds too good to be true. I am told it is a little more expensive. How much?...I do not know at this time. I am also told that some insurance companies pay for it too. I will, however, let you know what my results are, the prescribed treatment and cost and how they work. I am EXCITED about this alternative to hormone treatment! I am not having the hot flashes yet or the insomnia and heaven KNOWS I don't want to EVER have what they call a "menopot" (how AWFUL does THAT sound?!...) Why should women have to dread this chapter of their lives and settle with feeling miserable? Go out and get the book...READ IT...and then decide for yourself! It's YOUR HEALTH, YOUR WELL-BEING and YOUR DECISION...For me, I think the extra cost will SO be worth it!

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