Books I Am Reading Or Have Read: The Stephanie Plum Series

For those of you who have never read the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich just let me tell you that you do NOT know what you are missing!  These books are numbered but continue with the same characters that one cannot help but laugh at, love and silently admit to having family members or friends just like them. 

I read a lot of pretty intense novels but when I want to lighten my mood, I reach for a Stephanie Plum novel.  Such was the case when I was recently in Florida and Key West.  The first day I was on the beach I finished "Shanghai Girls" and then immediately clicked on "Eleven on Top" by Janet Evanovich, quickly followed by, "Twelve Sharp".

One of the things that I like so much about these books is the fact that they are such quick reads; perfect for the beach.  Another thing is...well, Stephanie Plum, herself.  Stephanie is the main character who is a bond enforcement agent (Bounty hunter...), working alongside some pretty funny characters.  Evanovich gives such a vivid picture of these characters that I was a little disappointed by the movie that recently came out of her first book, "One for the Money".  That is why I am once again suggesting that you READ THE BOOKS to get the full enjoyment out of Stephanie Plum and her  antics.

Stephanie is always just barely getting by so she is always attempting to apprehend the next individual who has failed to make their court appearance.  She carries all of the right equipment but somehow something always goes wrong and she ends up being the one at the wrong end of the stun gun, while chaos surrounds her very existence. Blowing up cars and buildings and basically just being in the wrong place at the wrong time with some pretty quirky people she is desperately trying to apprehend, is only a part of Stephanie's daily life adventure.

Some more of the colorful characters in Stephanie's life include her Italian parents and Grandma Mazur.  Grandma is a one spunky gal who lives with Stephanie's mom and dad. They live in New Jersey in the Burg.  The Burg is one of those old neighborhoods where people have been living their entire lives.  The houses all look about the same and it is a community where everybody knows everybody's business.   Grandma's favorite social activity is going to funeral home viewings!  And believe me...these are no ordinary viewing for Grandma; she has been known to knock a casket over just to get a peek at the dearly departed when it has been closed!  She drives Stephanie's mom and dad nuts, but I KNOW that some of you might have someone a little like her hanging around in YOUR family tree too.

And what story would complete without TWO men in one's life?  First, there is Joe Morelli, Stephanie's on again off again boy friend.  She has know him since they were in school and they reconnected.  Joe is a manly man; Italian, good looking and a cop in the Trenton area.  He tries to keep Stephanie safe and out of trouble but that is a big ticket to fill.  That's where "Man # 2" comes into play; Ranger.  Ranger is the dark, mysterious guy who dresses all in black and has a security squad of his own.  Ranger and Stephanie met while Ranger was also working for the bond enforcement agency and he also feels compelled to keep her out of harm's way. 

I also love the fact that Stephanie really knows how to handle the stress of her job.  She does what any stressed out woman would do...reach for the sweets!  Every day of her life, she can be found scraping up her spare change to get a doughnut, tasty cake or even birthday cakes left at the bakery with other people's names on them. It doesn't matter what the sweet might be as long as it takes the pain of the position she is in away...if only for a moment.

Stephanie has a few constant companions who keep her company while she tries to stay afloat daily; Rex is her pet hamster and Lula is the ex-prostitute turned file clerk.  Lula is a larger than life (literally...) figure.  She stands out not only because of her boisterous demeanor, but also the manner in which she dresses; florescent spandex...on a 300 pound woman!  This cast of quirky characters keep a smile on the reader's face with each turn of the page; see why I think it is the perfect light read for summertime (or any time...)?

If you are looking for a good book to read on the beach or just something to lighten your mood, let me recommend that you start reading the Stephanie Plum Series; they are sure to tickle your funny bone!  I am currently reading "Lean Mean Thirteen" and there are 18 books total, so get started today.  But BEWARE...They are very addictive!

                                                                       HAPPY READING!

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