Dental Implants...NOT A "Quick Fix" (sigh...)

Although I told myself I was not going to sit around and worry about having those tooth implants put in, I couldn't help it.  I sat there all evening and dreaded the procedure.  I worried about not getting an IV; would I be too aware of what was going on?  I worried about taking 3 Ativan before the procedure; could taking that much harm me?  And what if they knocked me out so much that Robby had to physically carry me in the office that morning?  I wasn't so sure he could do that any more; I didn't want him to throw his back out.  I worried, worried...and worried some more.

When I got up at 5 a.m., my tummy already had butterflies in it and I was dreading that 2 hour drive to have my dental work done.  I was supposed to take my 3 Ativan 1 one before arriving at the office.  The reason this worried me so much is because I had only ever take 1/2 of those tablets whenever I felt myself having an anxiety attack.  So, as we neared the halfway point to the office, I asked Robby to pull over at a gas station so I could use the bathroom; I thought that after taking all of that medication, I might not be able to do so later.  When I got back into the car, I decided that I would start out only taking 2 pills and see how that did and then take the third one.

By the time we arrived at the office, my head was bobbing a bit and I can say that anxiety could not be found anywhere.  Robby and the receptionist had to help me back to the treatment room where by that point I could barely keep my eyes open.  I opened them once and looked strangely at Robby.  He asked, "Are there two of me?"  I nodded, put my earphones in and programmed my i-pod and  promptly fell asleep.

From time to time, people would come in and out of the room to work on me and I did whatever they told me to do.  But mostly I slept.  Suddenly, I wondered where Robby had gone.  I turned my music off and texted him to find out where he was.  He said he would be back soon.  When he got back, they were cleaning me up to leave and I asked what time it was; I had been there for 4 HOURS! That's when I was able to understand what they had been doing.  There was a lot of work to be done in there and there was no way it could  all be completed in one visit for several reasons.  I had that party for Caitlin on Saturday in New Orleans that I was hoping to attend and my doctor was going to be out of town the entire next week; he didn't want me to be in a lot of pain or have complications without him being in town.  That is when he told me what all he HAD repaired and he had also made a temporary bridge of teeth that he cemented in for me to make it until the wedding (Whew!...).  Then, I got the rest of the news...

The week after the wedding was going to find me back in his office to have a bone graph done.  YEA...That kinda freaks me out!  But when the tooth was originally pulled, part of the bone came out with it.  So, the bone graph would be part of this entire process.  It would have to heal for several months and then I would return for part 3 of this little project.  After the bone graph heals, I will go back in and have the posts implanted into the bone.  And once again...I will have to wait for those to heal before getting the actual teeth placed in.  Final expected date of completion?...AUGUST!

WOW!...When I do it, I really do it BIG, don't I?  Well, the process had begun and all I can do is go forward from here.  Robby drove me home, while I slept the entire way.  He stopped and picked up my pain meds just in time too.  And sweet fella that he is, he also stopped and bought me a cup of frozen yogurt.  I plan on resting and taking my meds today and tomorrow and HOPEFULLY I will be able to make that little party on Saturday down in the BIG EASY!

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  1. Boy you are a trooper. I knew there was not way you could get that work done quickly, takes months. Good luck healing.