Please Excuse The Rant...But I've Had A BAD Day!

Some days it seems like everything just keeps going downhill. Today was one of those days for me.  It really didn't start out that way, other than the fact that my day was going to start out with a dentist appointment at 9 a.m.  Although I'm not that fond of going to the dentist...OK, actually HATE I would not be having a procedure done.  A crown had loosened up and I just needed to have it cemented back down.  Knowing this, I walked into the office without all of the anxiety I usually possess upon entering.  However, by the time I walked out my day had already done a turn around for the worse...and it was only 10 0'clock.

The crown that I thought could merely be re-cemented turned out to be a bridge that could not be repaired.  My dentist, matter of factly, stated that I needed to have two dental implants done.  WHAT?!  OH CRAP!!!  He held up the piece he had taken out of my mouth and that's when I realized that I now had a space back there with NO TEETH!  Panic-stricken, I told him that my daughter was getting married in one month...what was I going to do?!  He told me that I needed to have those implants surgically put in, but that they would have to heal before the new teeth could be put in.  UGH...could I have something temporary?  That was a possibility, but now my anxiety was really beginning to take over and I found it difficult to breathe; I needed to get out of there before I burst into tears.  IMPLANTS?...SURGERY?  OH MY GOSH...Saturday was Caitlin's Bachelorette party and lingerie shower in New Orleans. (sigh...)

When I got into my car, I DID start crying.  I couldn't believe my dentist visit had turned out like this.  I immediately dialed a specialist in Shreveport to see is he could handle putting those implants in for me.  He assured me that he could do them right away...tomorrow at 8 a.m.  He also reminded me that this was a surgical procedure and I would need to be somewhat sedated and have someone to drive me.  I told him that I realized that, as my anxiety level rose even more.  I set the appointment and drove straight to Robby's office where I fell apart.  He cancelled his Thursday appointments so he could drive me.  I put four boxes of wedding invitations that had to be sealed and mailed in the office and headed off to my next annual mammogram. 

As the technician performed my mammogram, she kept saying, "I'm sorry if that's uncomfortable" and all I could think about was those dental implants and having screws put into my bone and how much MORE that was going to hurt than the mammogram I was presently having.  I got dressed and headed back to the office to seal those invitations...284 of them.  As I came to the end of sealing them, I was still upset about having those dental implants and as I passed through the office kitchen I noticed some cookies...I took one; comfort food.  HEY!  I was stressed and probably wouldn't be able to eat anything solid for days.  I loaded all of the boxes of invitations up in my car and headed for the post office.

Robby has always had this little saying he used to tell our kids:  "Nothing good ever happens after midnight."  In recent years, I have added another saying..."Nothing good ever happens at the post office, either."  Let me explain.  One year, every time I went to the post office, it seemed that someone had run their car right over the sidewalk and into the brick wall...I'm NOT kidding.  And then there is the line that ALWAYS stretches to the door and noticing that fact, one of the employees will shut their window down and go take a break.  There is a drive thru window that one could go through to keep from having to stand in that long line...except it is ALWAYS CLOSED!  So, the previous week, I had stood in that line to get something and then asked the clerk if I brought all of my invitations down there the next week, could they stamp them for me?  He said, "Sure; just don't bring them on Monday or Tuesday because of taxes."  GREAT!  Wednesday would be fine with me if I didn't have to stamp all of those invitations.  And so I walked in to the post office with boxes of invitations teetering in my arms and WOW...there was no line (THAT'S when I should have known SOMETHING was going to go wrong...).  I walked up there and stated that someone told me I could bring my invitations down and they could run them through a stamp machine.  The two clerks looked at each other confused and the woman said, "WHO told you that?"  Hmmm...I didn't like her tone of voice, but replied, "The clerk that works on the other end."  They looked at each other again and she said, "YOU must have misunderstood because we don't have any machine to stamp those with.", the hair began to stand up on the back of my neck now as I said, "I did NOT misunderstand, but I sure wish I had known I was going to have to hand stamp these...I would have done THAT on Monday!"  Then, that very unpleasant lady reached into one of the boxes and felt the piece we had tied around the invitation and said, "Those will cost EXTRA!"  CRAP!!!  I had already payed the newly inflated price of 44 cents for each RSVP post card and now I was going to have to pay 65 for each invitation.  I grabbed my stamps and boxes and announced that I would be sitting in my car HAND STAMPING my invitations!

After FINALLY leaving the post office, I headed home.  In the distance I saw Sonic.  I wheeled in and got a Diet Cherry Limeade...HEY!  I was STILL stressed out and it WAS diet after all.  So, upon making it home I decided to put my feet up and attempt to not think about those tooth implants any more today.  By this time tomorrow, it would all be over with and I would hopefully either be asleep or comfortable on pain medication.  Thinking about how things are going to be sometimes makes it worse.  I have a tendency to make myself sick just THINKING about what something will be like.  So...I might not be on here tomorrow to let you know what it's like having tooth implants done, but soon, I hope...WISH ME LUCK!

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