Hey, Politicians...Leave Us Moms Alone!

I don't write much about politics, but when Hilary Rosen attacked Ann Romney for her decision to stay at home and raise her five boys, I became very disturbed.  Politics and Washington have tried to drive a wedge between everyone with opposing views and NOW they are trying to drive one between moms.

Moms, don't let them do it.  We, as mothers, should stand firm and reject this notion that one type of mother is better or more valuable than the other.  We are all mothers...we are a diverse lot.  We are different individuals who mother differently, but one thing is for certain...we should be able to band together and not attack one another for our differences or life choices for that matter.

Mothers, of all people, should realize that our job is difficult enough without allowing some outside force to come between us and drive us apart.  I think that Hilary Rosen's words about Ann Romney were nothing more than an ugly attempt to do just that.  Just because Mrs. Romney was fortunate enough to be able to stay at home with her boys does not mean that she does not and cannot feel the pain of other women not so fortunate.  Because "she" did not personally struggle with finances does not mean that she did not struggle with other issues regarding the rearing of her family or was not acquainted with those who were struggling financially.  We do not know these things, so how can one judge her?  To  attack her for wanting and choosing to stay at home with her children is despicable.  I'm sure that she could have "chosen" to work outside of the home if she wanted to; there are many powerful, professional mothers who do so.  But to make her feel unworthy, guilty and out of touch with other women because she did so is just plain mean spirited.

I have been a working mother, a stay at home mother and a mother who worked at my home to make a few extra bucks while staying at home with my children.  I went back to college while I was a mother of four and felt bad every day I had to leave my children with someone else.  Mothers (stay at home or outside workers...) have enough pressure on them without politicians getting involved.  We should be "one", supporting each other in whatever we must do for the sake of our children and families.

Here is what I think about mothers...ALL MOTHERS:
We  physically labor to bring our children into the world.  Look into their eyes and instantly fall in love.  Many of us are drawn to give up our jobs and take on the task of staying at home and raising those children.  But, alas, financial obligations make that impossible.  We do what we have to do; find someone to care for our children and return to work.  We do this because we love our children and our family and we do what we must do; it is required of us.  We are a mother now and when we became a mother we left "self" behind.  Some of us decide to give our outside job up and stay at home with our children.  For some, it may be an easy decision; there are no financial worries.  For others (like I was...), it will be a financial sacrifice.  There will be no extras for mom; no manicures, new outfits or even dinners out.  This mother has also found that she has died to "self".  Mothers are both "different" and the "same".  We love our children, families and others.  We are giving, caring individuals who attempt to pass these traits on to our offspring.  We tell them that "Words hurt", so choose them wisely.  So, I implore you to remember these things when outsiders in the political world attempt to pull us apart and divide us.  Remember what our duties are and where our loyalties lie; within our own families.  Do what you have taught your own children to do.  Do NOT judge a book by its cover, do NO bully other people because of their differences, stand up for the choices you make, but respect the choices of others.  We ARE mothers; it is OUR responsibility to teach the world a thing or two about living differently with respect for others.

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