Baby Jarrell: Little MISTER or Little MISS?!

Holding a secret of this magnitude for even a day has been almost unbearable.  Last week, Caitlin had her 3-D sonogram done to determine the sex of Baby Jarrell.  The first thing she did was to send us the photos...

I am amazed at the clarity of the 3-D sonogram pictures; this is my favorite one, with its little hand thrown over its eyes.

         What a precious little baby...I can't WAIT to get my hands on this new little one!

The next thing Caitlin did was to call the cupcake shop here where we live and order two cupcakes for her Dad and me.  She told the shop owner the sex of the baby and then the cupcakes were filled with the appropriate color.  I couldn't pick those cupcakes up until 3:00 and then Robby didn't get home until around 7!  As soon as he walked in the door, he said, "Get those cupcakes!"  "Wait, Wait," I said.  We have to get on Skype with Caitlin so she can watch us bite into them."  And so we did...YAY!  YAY!  YAY!  We were SO EXCITED!  And then she told us we would have to wait a little longer since she was making and sending out reveal announcements (sigh...).  I began to get calls and messages and people were coming up to me at church and the city wide holiday open house asking, "WHAT IS IT?!"  I could barely stand it but I didn't tell.  Thank goodness Robby had left on a week long hunting trip because he would NEVER be able to continue to keep the secret.  Caitlin stayed up all night long and made the announcements and mailed them out the following day...

                                                                       It's a GIRL!!!

The Rogenmoser Family will welcome another sweet little PINK bundle of joy this spring and we couldn't be happier!  This was such a fun and creative way to share the news with everyone; Thanks, Mommy Jarrell!  NOW...It's time to think of a name AND for Ya Ya to start buying pink outfits...and hair bows...and bloomers...and OH, You get the picture don't you?!


  1. What a cute & creative way to share the news! I absolutely love it!

    I found you through the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. :)

    You have a new follower. :)

    Keeping PLUS in a MINUS World

  2. what a creative way to announce it. Yippee for a girl! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop xo