I Went To Vote And They Blew My Kitchen Up!

All I did was go to vote.  I had to stand in line for 35 minutes to do so and when I left the building, I had a text message on my phone:  "We need eggs BAD!"  What the heck?!

Robby had gone to vote first, then I sneaked out to do the same while Parker was occupied playing with something.  Apparently when she noticed that I was gone she began to cry.  Robby took her outside to see the fish in the pond and that's when they noticed my pumpkins sitting there.  Which then led to a solution for Robby to Parker Ann's crying...they would make PUMPKIN PIES!  Thus, the "NEED" for eggs.

I told them I would stop by the store on my way home and get the eggs.  When I opened the door what I found was those two had BLOWN UP MY KITCHEN!  Bless their hearts (You can say anything about anybody in the south if you follow it with this phrase...).  Parker was standing on her step stool stirring some pumpkin mixture while Robby was getting more ingredients out...and there were bowls and flour and basically a HUGE MESS everywhere.  But they were so excited that I couldn't possibly say anything about the mess...

                                               Hard at work making those Pumpkin Pies.
                                              Now how could you get made at those two?!

                                                             See how excited she was?!

                                                         Showing off her two little pies.

OK, so they "sorta" cleaned their mess up but that was alright because they made Pumpkin Pies, after all...And they are super cute too!


  1. well bless their hearts :-) Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop. Wishing you a happy weekend. xo