We BOO...Do YOU?!

Halloween was last night and I felt like a kid.  I just LOVE Halloween.  It is the "official" beginning of the holiday season for me.  My house has been decorated all month long, I have already visited the pumpkin patch once and am now ready to go back and pick out the ones that will be decorated and sit on my stoop until Thanksgiving.  A couple of years ago I was fortunate to have everybody in for our first Family Pumpkin Carving Contest (everything with my crew has to be a competition...).  We had so much fun and some pretty cool jack-o-lanterns were created...along with more wonderful memories.  We really like Halloween around here...We "BOO", do you?!

                                                We bake Halloween cookies and cupcakes.

                                      We dress up!  (Parker Ann's 1st Halloween costume...)

                                              Parker Ann's 2nd Halloween "casual" outfit.

                                                        Her 2nd Halloween costume.

                                                   The doxies get in on the action, too!

                          We were in Orlando one year for the Mickey Mouse Halloween Party!

                                                   And, of course, we carve pumpkins...

              Then, we light out creations up, display them and have someone judge them....

                                                                 This was the winner!

                           Wondering what this one is?  LSU 's "Eye of the Tiger", of course!

                     We don't have a spooky, black cat but we do have a furry Clementine.

Our sweet little Parker Ann was a piggy this year...one with a curly tail...

                                                  This little piggy went Trick-R-Treating!

                                                              And got LOTS of candy!

                                 And a flashlight and the perfect ride on her daddy's shoulders.

                                                            And her Poppi's arms...

And at the end of the night she was was one tired little piggy...(with a curly tail...).

We "BOO"...Do YOU?!  I would love for you to leave a comment or link to your blog so I can see how your family celebrates this wickedly sweet holiday!


  1. Cutest little piggy ever! And if the "witch" hat fits then wear it! Here our Hadley and Layton's first Halloween outfits. Kittens - http://myheartwithpleasurefills.blogspot.com/2012/11/kittens.html


  2. looks so much fun at your house!!