ROAD TRIP...To Bonnie & Clyde Trade Days

You remember Bonnie & Clyde, don't you?  They are those well-known outlaws who traveled throughout the United States during the Great Depression Era.  Finally caught and gunned down in Arcadia, Louisiana, we down here in the south have done what most southerners do to commemorate such an event...Turn the place of their capture into a flea market! 

It had been many years since I have traveled to Bonnie & Clyde Trade Days so when my sister mentioned a few girls going for the day on Saturday, I decided to tag along...

Of course, there is always someone at these sort of places who is trying to sell a product by demonstration.  And my sister...well, she's the "Gadget Queen" and will ALWAYS stop to listen...

You see (that's her in the middle there...), her arms are crossed and her head is tilted; that is a sign that she is REALLY interested in the product.

                                OH NO!  He's almost got her.  It's the "Try it yourself" move...

And then he said the "Magic Words"..."Two for the special price of...".  That's when she and Linda started rummaging through their purses to purchase one of those peeler gadgets.

                           "TA DA!!!"  He gotcha...Now, can we move on?  I'm starving!

                                             Oh yea...They had all kinds of food out there!

And then we continued our trek through the dusty paths to hopefully find some sort of "Awesome Deals".

                                       I always love looking at these cute southern T-Shirts!

                  And then I noticed this clown.  I wondered if he could make me a bicycle...

OH MY...Only in the south would you find camo lingerie.  Nope!  I didn't buy any, just had to have a picture of it.

It didn't take much for me to convince my sister to buy this cute little one cup, drip coffee pot.  You get the picture, don't you?  I find things to encourage them to buy and I just snap pictures all day!

                                                       And then there was the bull...

You see, there was this cowboy riding the bull around during the day and a sign was hanging off the side of the bull that said, "Bull Rides $10".  Well, the girls tried to get me to ride the bull but let's just say, I wasn't riding it for many reasons.  However, when we sat down to rest for a minute, I was encouraged to go over and act like I was playing "Slap the Bull" and someone would take my picture.  Now I thought that would be sorta fun to do.  And so I noticed that the bull was tied up and lying one was around; it was the perfect time to do something like that.  So, my sister and I headed over towards the bull and just as we approached came the cowboy, walking at neck speed, his spurs clinking with every step and a WHIP in his hand.  He was shouting to me, "Hey! You wanna ride the bull?  I'll ride it with ya!"  I told my sister to walk very fast back to where everyone else was sitting.  He was persistent and I finally said, "NO!  I REALLY don't want to ride the bull".  But I DID want a picture of me with that bull (ugh...).  I was afraid he was going to charge me 10 bucks to take a picture so as soon as the bull stood up, I zoomed in as much as I could and snapped one...

Well, I must say that we had a GREAT GIRLS' DAY in Arcadia.  And when I returned, a friend told me a story about Bonnie & Clyde.  It seems her mother lived there when the two were knocking around town and she remembered Bonnie...that "Fast Woman" who wore the red nail polish!  I laughed that wearing red nail polish was such a scandalous things back then; what in the world would they think about the things women wear these days?!

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