Desperate Conditions Call for Desperate Measures!

It's a good thing that Caitlin and Holli got on that plane back to Cleveland last Tuesday.  Oh, don't get me wrong, I didn't want them to leave but just about the time they left, I came down with something.

That Monday, Caitlin and Holli traveled with me to my doctor's office.  I was merely having my six month blood test to check my thyroid levels.  I told her that they could come with me but insisted they stay in the car while I went in...THANK GOODNESS they did!  I was perfectly fine when I went for that check-up but by late that afternoon I began to get a pretty sore throat.

Well, that sore throat continued the next day as I put them on the plane.  By the next day (my anniversary day...) my sore throat had turned into me totally losing my voice (which, by the way has not returned yet...).  And then it happened...the coughing began (sigh...).

As an asthmatic, a "cough" is not merely an annoyance.  It gets pretty extreme quickly.  I called my doctor's office and confirmed that I was on all inhalers as I should be and then they decided to call me in a prescription of Prednisone. non-compliance sort of kicked in at this point and to be honest with you, I just wasn't ready to take a ride on that steroid train.  It does terrible things to ya, if you know what I mean.  Surely I could just use what I had and weather this storm.

By Friday (after office hours...of course), I began to run a fever (ugh!).  David and Codi were on their way in for Mother's Day weekend so I called and asked him to call me in an antibiotic (advantage of having a son for a weekend emergency room visits).  He called that in along with something for the cough.  Still no voice...still coughing.  That's when I decided that "Desperate Conditions Called for Desperate Measures"; I broke out the whiskey!  Everyone who knows me, knows that I do not drink whiskey...ever.  Except for when I have a severe coughing fit and cannot stop it any other way...

 My mama used to fix a "cough toddy" for me of whisky, lemon juice and honey.  Hey!  I don't know why...but when nothing else works for a cough, this does.

And so, while all the boys continued to roll in for the weekend...I continued to cough, cough, cough!  This was Mother's Day and I was going to do whatever it took to stay on my feet and enjoy being with my family.  And so I continued to medicate myself...
Yea...I know; quite a lot of stuff!  But the fever went away was just this nagging cough that I couldn't get rid of.

I didn't feel like any parent would want me around their child in Sunday School so Robby and I did not go to church; I was smart enough to realize that I DID need to rest.  However, when Justin, Sarah and Parker got out of church, the rest of us met them for Mother's Day Brunch...
                                                Had to get a picture of me and my boys!

Afterward, everybody came over just to hang out and have a little family time...
 Parker Ann and Uncle Ryan-Poo played in her tree house.  He taught her all about rolly pollys!
The guys then made her happy by feeding her sugar...Doesn't she look like she has sugar overload?!
And just when you thought she couldn't be happier, they told her she could get in the swimming pool!
I made Codi show off her growing belly too.  We can't WAIT for Baby Beckett to get here in early July!

Later that afternoon, Robby boiled some crabs that he and Justin and Ryan had caught during the week in south Louisiana...

Although I was under the weather, it was great having family home this weekend.  Now, I really have to concentrate on getting better because I have LOTS to do...Beckett's baby shower, rehearsal dinner for Ryan, final details for the wedding, Caitlin and Holli coming in again soon...OH, and did I mention a new MAJOR home project that is being started today?!(More on that soon!)  No time for sitting around...gotta get moving!

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