Preparing for Grandbaby THREE!

I finally got over whatever I had for the past couple of weeks and feel MUCH better now.  Thank goodness, since I have LOTS to do in the next month.  Next on the agenda is a baby shower for our third grandchild and first grandson, Beckett!

Back when I had my kids, I didn't have the money to buy all of the cute items to decorate a nursery with.  Now days having a stylish nursery is all the craze and David and Codi are no different from any of the other expectant parents out there; except for the fact that they made LOTS of the cute decorations that you will find in Beckett's nursery...

                                                 Here's an overview of Beckett's nursery...
        The mirror on the wall was refinished to match the darker furniture for a little boy's room.

Robby and I have provided all the baby beds for the grandchildren thus far and Beckett is no exception.  David and Codi picked out this bed down in New Orleans and I don't know if you can tell, but there are little iron Fleur de lis on each arch. David made the board with Beckett's initials hanging over the bed (Hunter Beckett Rogenmoser).
David also built these little cubbies.  Notice the shoes on top of the second cubby; Codi made those for him!
In this cozy corner, where the rocking chair and bookshelf can be found, David built a wooden wall to change the look of the room.  The burlap curtains you see were made by Codi.
                            That's his little sonogram picture you see framed on the top shelf!
                   They made this measuring stick that hangs on the wall to watch Beckett grow!
Codi's dad made this armoire for the nursery and in the background is the rocker and ottoman that will be used to rock our sweet baby in.
OH...And, of course, all of his cute little boy items that Codi got at her first shower (OK...and I got carried away and bought quite a lot of things in there too!)

              All we are waiting for now is a precious, healthy little baby boy to arrive soon!

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