Thirty-One (-derful...) Years of Marriage!

Today is my 31st wedding anniversary.  I was only 20 and my husband 19 when we married.  We were kids, we were crazy in love and we were best friends.  As I look back on the years, a lot has happened.  We have moved several times, had four children together and are now enjoying two grand-kids, while anxiously awaiting a third.  I will not say that our life has been "perfect" because what IS "perfect" anyway?  Our life has been "real".  We have worked hard, played hard and loved even harder.  Marriage is not easy by any standard but marriage to the right person is wonderful.  It is comforting to wake up each day next to the person you love and know that they love you just as much.  The familiarity of living with someone so long that you know what they are thinking and what the next words out of their mouth will be is a warm and fuzzy feeling that cannot be described.  Those little habits that seem to have evolved over time become second nature to you; a held hand or brush of a kiss.  In a world that often times appears not to value the institution of marriage or commitment of any sort, I find security in it.  And I can say that I am so thankful that I met my best friend and soul-mate so many years ago...

                                                                       This was then...

                                                                           And this is now.

Marriage is like a fine wine...It only improves over time.  Here's to "Thirty-One (-derful...) MORE Years of Marriage!

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