A BIG EASY Fourth of July AND A New Baby Comes In With A BANG!!!

Baby Beckett's due date was July 5th, so the plan for us this year was to spend the 4th of July in New Orleans instead of on the river.  Robby and I loaded up and headed south on the 3rd, staying with Ryan and Allison since David and Codi's guest bedroom had been turned into a nursery.

The morning of the 4th, Ryan, Allison,Robby and I all went down to the the French Quarters to walk around and eat some lunch...

Caitlin was spending the holiday in Cleveland again this year, but unlike last year, she had friends AND plans.  A few of the residents were having a cookout that evening and Caitlin was out to make sure Holli got the award for Best Dressed...
                            The first thing the little Diva got was her toenails polished RED!
                                              Caitlin made this"Firecracker" outfit for Holli.
AND these cute little barefoot sandals!

After walking around for most of the day, not only were my feet hurting (Yes...I was "forced" to buy a cute new pair of sandals to change into...) but I was exhausted.  I decided to lay down just for a "short nap" before dinner.  When I woke up it was almost 8 p.m.!  It was my ringing telephone that woke me.  I missed the call but the Caller I.D. said it was Robby.  Was her seriously calling me from downstairs?!  I tried to call back (Yes...from upstairs) but got no answer (ugh...).  I walked down the stairs to find Allison just waking up from a nap, herself.  She was on her phone and I soon found that Robby and Ryan had gone to get dinner for us.

The guys came back and we settled in to eat and were watching a little T.V. when my phone began to ring again.  It was David; Codi's water had broken and they were heading to the hospital.  It looked like little Beckett would possibly be born on his due date!  We finished eating and I soon realized that it was a good thing that I had gotten in a little nap, however, I didn't feel quite refreshed at that point in time (sigh...).

By the time we got to the hospital it was after 10 p.m.  I wondered why babies couldn't ever decide to come at a decent hour of the day.  Ryan came along with us to wait for Beckett's arrival (whenever that decided to be...), while Allison stayed home to get some more sleep.  The 5th would be her first day back at work after their wedding and honeymoon.  OH...Did I mention she is an R.N. in the Labor and Delivery unit at the hospital where Codi was having the baby?  Anyway, THANK GOODNESS for the invention of the I-Pad;  We played games all night and morning long!

Around 5 a.m., David came out and told us the doctor was there and they were getting ready to push.  I thought about that 3 hours of pushing that Caitlin did and was not truly encouraged by that fact.  However, by 7:04 we had a new little Rogenmoser!
           Hunter Beckett Rogenmoser, weighing in at 7 pounds, 4 ounces and 19 3/8 inches long. 
                                             (Exactly 2 pounds heavier than his dad at birth!)
                                 Here's proud Daddy with Beckett beaming from ear to ear!
                                                                    YaYa and Beckett.
                                               Poppi and Beckett looking each other over.
                                    Uncle Ryan Poo and Aunt Ally Cat holding Baby Beckett.
                                    Beckett wrapped up in the blanket YaYa knitted for him.
                                                  Doesn't this look just like a little angel?

Caitlin said when she told Holli she was a BIG COUSIN now, this was her reaction...
                                                             WHAT?!  Another baby?!!
                                             OH...OK.  I get it...Another playmate for me!!!
                                       (Holli and Beckett were born exactly 3 months apart.)
                                                                 Mommy and Beckett.
                                                                  Daddy and Beckett.
                                                               And "Baby" makes 3!

It was a fast and furious holiday weekend but I suppose that is what happens when our BIG, FAT, SOUTHERN FAMILY continues to get BIGGER and FATTER.  We are blessed beyond measure.  Now the bets are on as to how many new additions will come with the new year!  We're 13 and counting...

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