My Back Yard Renovation...It's FINALLY Starting To Shape Up!

 Well, my back yard renovation project continues.  It has been going on for the entire summer now and we have lived through dirt, mud and concrete...but I can FINALLY see things beginning to shape up and THAT makes me SMILE!

With a husband in the construction industry I have learned to not let the little things bother me about a construction job.  Things are pretty messy.  And they almost never get finished by the expected date.  But OH, how I LOVE to see a project come together.

Not only is the outer construction of the pool house up...WE GOT GRASS THIS PAST WEEK!
I know, I'm a little excited over the grass, but that means no more dirt and mud getting tracked into my house (BIG smile here...).

Here are a few photos of the progress...
                                                   Don't you just LOVE that copper roof?!
When I came home to find all of these pallets of grass in my yard, I almost physically JUMPED FOR JOY!
And once the grass began to go down, all I could do was just sit out there that evening and look at it.

While I am in Ohio this week visiting Caitlin, Kevin and Holli, I am told the framing will be completed and hopefully ready for sheet rock...and the brick layers! and trees will go in.  I cannot WAIT to drive back up and rush out there to see what has been done when I get home!

I can just envision it now...sitting on the porch in the evenings after a swim.  Watching football games inside.  Sitting by the fire in the fall...Ahhh the anticipation of good things to come.

But in the meantime, Clementine and I are happy to drag one of the old chairs up, grab a good book and sit out by the pool anyway...

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