Visiting "Baby Luv"

Robby had his trip to Honduras planned for quite some time before I decided to book my plane ticket to Cleveland.  Oh, I wanted to go visit Caitlin and sweet "Baby Luv" (The name I have picked up for Holli...) but I just procrastinated telling myself that there was a lot I needed to catch up on at home during that week he was gone.  Well, actually, there WAS a lot I needed to do, however, in the end my desire to see my daughter and grand-daughter won out...And here I am now, in Cleveland!

Caitlin has moved since I was last here.  She was living in a two-bedroom apartment which was a little cramped, to say the least.   While I was here, the search was on for a rent house with more room, a yard for Holli to play in and sidewalks to stroll on.  They found just that place right before I left, put a deposit on it and moved in the week after Ryan and Allison's wedding.  I was anxious to see the house and help Caitlin do a little decorating.

Getting here was a horse of a whole different color though.  You know me and flying.  Since Robby was leaving really early for the airport on the same day that I was, I decided I didn't want to rush and would just take the later flight out.  After all, I would still get there by 5:30 that evening; in plenty of time for dinner.  Well, the airlines had another plan in store for me that day...

As I was waiting for my plane, the lady behind the counter announced that they were having some mechanical difficulties and would let us know more in 30 minutes.  Hmmm...OK; 30 minutes wasn't that bad.  And then in 30 minutes she got on her mic and announced that it would be 30 more minutes.  After the third announcement of the same I knew that this was not good (sigh...).  At the end of a two hour period of those same announcements, we were told our flight was being cancelled...

I could hear the lady saying that there were still some seats out there on other flights to Cleveland, but before she even got all of the words out of her mouth, I found myself in a line behind about fifty people at the counter to get one of those seats!  The next announcement let us know that only one person would be working that counter and we could go to another ticket counter or call a number to get another flight (ugh...).  I almost panicked for a minute because Robby always handles this stuff; I didn't even know his AA number.  And then I had a thought...I would take a chance and RUN (OK...walk VERY quickly...) down to the Admiral's Club and see if THEY could get me outta that airport! (Visions of Tom Hanks in "The Terminal" and my overnight stint in that Costa Rican airport ran rampant in my mind...).

At first I didn't they they would be able to get me out that night, telling me that the automated system had already booked me a ticket for the next morning.  I insisted they TRY since the lady at the counter said there were flights out there...I would take ANY option at this point to get there.  I was eventually issued a ticket for a seat on the direct flight out of there at 7:55 p.m.  By that point I had been sitting at the airport for EIGHT HOURS!   I arrived just a little after midnight and by the time I had my luggage in my hand and got in bed, it was 1:30 (Yawn...).

Caitlin let me sleep in the next morning and as we drank our morning coffee and ate our breakfast, I FINALLY  got to hold my sweet "BABY LUV"!!!
 Crazy airport lay-over and traveling over 1,200 miles...SO WORTH IT to get to kiss these chubby little cheeks! (P.S. Being a YaYa FILLS ME UP!)

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