One Worn Out YaYa!

I barely had time to recuperate from my trip to Cleveland and then I was "On the Road Again" to visit yet another grandchild!  Robby and I headed south to New Orleans to see Baby Beckett who would be turning 3 weeks old on Friday.  I was still feeling pretty rough and suspected that it was this ornery thyroid that was the culprit.  On my last check-up, the doctor upped my dosage of Synthroid because my TSH had gone up; not too high but he still wanted it to be lower.  Anyway, it is funny how I can always tell something is wrong with my TSH simply by the way I "feel".  Robby says I'm just one of those people who are super in touch with their bodies and can tell when any little thing is off.  Well, I decided to go have a blood test done before it was time for my follow-up appointment the day before we were to leave for New Orleans.  In the meantime, Parker Ann came for a visit and we went to the "Big Library" near my house...
This child loves books more than any child her age that I have ever seen!  She will actually sit and listen to you read the entire book and interact with you about the story.

And computers?  She most likely knows more about technology than I do!  She waited very patiently for her turn to get on the kiddie computer.

By the time I got home, I had the results to my blood work:  My TSH level had dropped to way below normal (ugh...); I was put on a lower dosage of medication that day.  For those of you who are not familiar with Synthroid, the bad thing about it is the fact that it does not work quickly.  It would take about 2 weeks for me to get straightened out (sigh...).  Oh well, we were headed south anyway!

We went to David and Codi's apartment as soon as we arrived; I couldn't WAIT to get my hands on my sweet new grandson...
                                Daddy went to work and Poppi and YaYa showed up to play each day!
                                        I love this photo of Robby and Beckett...Pure Love!
Of course, we had to make a trip to Babies R Us to buy "something".  That's what grandparents do, isn't it?

While we were there, Caitlin called to say that Holli was sick with a tummy bug...
                                                               My poor little Baby Luv...

But by the next day, she was feeling MUCH better!  She and Beckett even had a Face Time Date (What would we DO without Face Time?!)
Back to her normal cheerful self!  Yes, that is long sleeves you see her in; can you believe it is 68 degrees there?!
                                               Gotta LOVE that wild hair going on there!

We did get out while we were there but I still was not feeling well so I didn't snap any awesome pictures of New Orleans (I know...How COULD I not??  Sorry...).  We left for home on Monday morning and got back by noon.  After eating some lunch I got on my bed with a book I've been reading and before you know it, I had fallen asleep (I never nap...)!  When I woke up, it was over 2 hours later!  And THEN...I had to deal with this MOUNTAIN of clothes (ugh...).
             How bad do YOU hate doing laundry?  I'm sure it's not as bad as I do (sigh...).

Well, I will rest for a few days and then they will begin to come in to see ME this time!  Beckett and Parker Ann will be here this weekend and Holli will arrive in early August.  Ahhh...the life of a YAYA.  One worn out YaYa right now, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world!

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