Friday Phone Photo Dump...

Thank goodness it's Friday!  It's the end of the week and time for a "Phone Photo Dump".  Here ya go...

 While in New Orleans Robby saw the "Hot Doughnuts" light on and had to run through and get some!
                  Parker Ann wanted to see what her hair looked like after I French braided it.
Yes...I was eating out of the ice cream bucket but please don't judge me.  It was over 100 degrees outside AND the ice cream had no sugar added!
                                                  SEE...I told ya it was over 100 degrees!
                                  Sweet Holli...Parker said, "But YaYa, she has chunky cheeks"!
                                                     Ahhh...It's a tough life being a dog.
     Baby Beckett, I just needed to see your face again.  Thanks, Dad for sending me a pic!
                                         "I'm just trying on Aunt Allie's BEAUTIFUL SHOES".
     Saw this old fence with flowers growing on it in town and had to snap a picture of it.
                 "You can have some of our vegetables, YaYa, we have too many of them."

                                                        HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

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