Friday Phone Photo Dump...

It's FRIDAY and time to unload some of my favorite pictures I took (or received) on my phone this week...

 My 85 year old mother got to meet Beckett for the first time this weekend.  I just LOVE this picture!
Parker Ann spent the night with us Saturday night and the first thing she wanted to do when she got here was to put on her apron and bake cookies!
This is a pretty little knitting project I'm working on.  It's a skinny scarf that I plan on also making in purple and black.  Then I will twist the colors together to wear for either a Saints football game or an LSU one!
     Holli turned 4 months old on the 4th and this is one of my favorite photos Caitlin took of her.
      Beckett turned 1 month old on the 5th and this is my favorite picture of him, taken by David.
My new "Obsession"...neat tee shirts to wear with my comfy maxi skirts!  I couldn't find this one in my size at Target so I snapped a picture of it so Caitlin could see if they had it in Cleveland so she could bring it to me (I TOLD you it was an "Obsession").
                                  Poppi took Beckett for his FIRST SWIM Sunday afternoon!
                                        A picture of a "Lovey" that I am SO going to make!
Parker Ann got this "Cerebella" (aka:  Cinderella) costume from one of her aunts as an early birthday present.  I predict she will NEVER take it off!

Well that's it for this Friday; I'll keep snapping away next week with some more cute photo surprises for you!  Have a GREAT WEEKEND!

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