Surprise Beach Trip! Just What I Needed...

I was out driving my mom around last Thursday when hubby gave me a call and asked if I was up for an "adventure".  "SURE," I said.  He told me to come home and pack a bag...we were going to Miami for a few days!

I love the beach.  South Beach in Miami is one of my favorite beaches to visit and I had not been able to make my annual trip there this past spring.  Actually, I was thinking that there would be no beach trip in my plans for this year since we would be getting ready for our family vacation in September and I usually don't even try to go to the beach during hurricane season.  But I was SO surprised and excited about taking a quick the beach...just Robby and me!

We hopped on a plane Thursday around 6 pm and ended up arriving at our hotel around 1:30 am.  My favorite place to stay while in Miami is The Loew's.  And that is exactly where our reservation was!  After getting into bed around 2 in the morning, we slept in and then headed out to the beach.

For 4 days, Robby and I relaxed, recharged and rejuvenated.  It was a wonderful surprise and a wonderful trip...
                                           This was the view I woke up to Friday morning!

And since my hubby does not consider himself the "Beach Bum type, I set out to show him what being a "Beach Bum" was all about...and HOW to be one!
                                   A good start is to head to the beach to get sand in between your toes.
              See?  He's sitting under an umbrella trying to do nothing...That's a good start!
Even if some days we spent more time at the pool, we made a point to put our feet in the sand and waves every day.
                                               The pool wasn't a bad place to be either...
                                   We could just sit around and people watch...and read...and nap.
And, of course, I LOVE the food that can be found in Miami!  One of my favorites is the Greek Salad the Loew's makes...and serves either pool side, on the beach or at their pool side bistro.
In the afternoons we would order this yummy fruit platter...never having to leave our lounge chairs.
                                     And this hummus platter was really good one day too.
However, in the evenings, we would walk down town and have something a little more exciting for dinner!

Miami is not unlike other beach towns; it does occasionally rain.  But we didn't let that damper our spirits...
                           The Lowe's veranda has wonderful spots just perfect for napping!
When the rain let up, we walked into town where I got a relaxing foot and leg massage...all while doing a little pinning on my Pinterest app.
  On our way back to the hotel we stopped into a little coffee house and sat outside to drink lattes.

I also made a point of snapping a photo of the sun rising over the water every morning while we were there...
                                                    Now, THAT'S just some pretty stuff!

What a WONDERFUL surprise!  Thanks so much, sweet hubby, for thinking of it. get geared up for our BIG, FAT FAMILY VACATION in a week and a half!

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