Friday Phone Photo Dump!

This week has been a BUSY one to say the least.  That is why you have not heard much from me.  I spent Monday preparing for the week to come.  Caitlin and Holli were flying in Tuesday for a week and all of the other kids would be filtering in by Friday evening since we would be celebrating Parker Ann's 3rd birthday party with the family.  Oh...and that was being held at my house.  So, by Tuesday, Caitlin and Holli got delayed at DFW airport for over 9 hours, getting in at 2 a.m. the next morning, I had to be up early the next morning to meet my mother at the surgery center, Robby had to take Caitlin to to the doctor to get prescriptions AND continuous rain storms rumbled around the south.  Does that cover it?!  Busy does NOT begin to describe this week (whew!).  I did, however, manage to take some pretty cute photos on my phone this week and decided to make a little time to share those with you!

                                       Everybody was excited to see Holli...including Sissy!
                                       Parker Ann was beside herself to love on her baby cousin.
                              And even insisted on watching cartoons on the couch with her.
                Beckett sent this picture asking, "When am I going to get to meet Holli?!"
I LOVE this new yarn I picked up at Tuesday Morning last week!  I'm making a large triangular shawl; can't WAIT to wear it this fall!
    And this yarn stash just came in the mail yesterday...Oh, the things I plan to make this fall!
I went to look for a swimsuit on a clearance rack for Holli and can you believe the only one they had was one that matched Parker Ann's?!
                         And then we took her for her FIRST SWIM!  She seemed to like it.
                                         I enjoyed reading some books to my girls one day too.
This picture reminds me of that saying, "Children will hold your hand for a while but they will hold your heart FOREVER.

I hope you all have a GREAT weekend and hopefully things will slow down a little bit next week because I have some yummy Pinterest recipes that I have tried to share with you and, of course, photos from the weekend and Parker Ann's party and some interesting books I have been reading over the summer!

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