A Good Kind of Chaos!

This past weekend was wild, chaotic, noisy...and I LOVED every minute of it!  All of my children and grandchildren under one roof is ALWAYS a little bit (OK...a LOT!) crazy!  It was Parker Ann's "Family Birthday Party" weekend and no one was about to miss that!  And, although, there were clothes, dishes, toys, books, diapers and much more strewn from one end of my house to the other, it was a lively household one again and that made me very happy.
               Uncle Ryan Poo and Aunt Ally helped Parker make cookies on the day of her party.

                                            The theme of Parker's party was Pink Ballet!
The "Lighting of the Candles" was quite interesting.  It seems that Parker picked her own candles out at the store and no one noticed that they were "Relighting Candles"!  Yep...every time she blew them out they re lit (He-He!).
                       And please don't tell her she isn't actually 3 until the 28th (shhh...).
                                                           Beckett slept most of the day...
                                                      And Holli didn't sleep much at all.
          Parker was in "Princess Heaven" since she got LOTS of the Disney Princess Babies!
                             And, of course, Uncle Dave played with those princesses with her.

  Yes, it was one busy, loud weekend but oh, what FUN we all had...It was a GOOD kind of CHAOS!
                                                                ONE HAPPY YAYA!!!


  1. So much fun! I am never more happy than when everyone is over. Happy early birthday Parker. I won't tell.

  2. Happy birthday to your little one and thank you for sharing this post filled with joy xo