Top 5 Memories of a First Year of Marriage...31 YEARS AGO!

Robby and I were sitting around reminiscing about our first year of marriage the other day.  He started laughing about some of those memories and told me what his "Top 5 Memories" were from that first year and asked what mine were.  Of course, there were a couple that were the same but we also had a few individual ones as well.  I thought it would be fun to share those with you and maybe you could leave a favorite memory of yours in the comments below!


1.  THE ENCYCLOPEDIA SALESMAN:  For those of you too young to know what an encyclopedia
      is (was), it was where we got our information before there was the Internet.  Labeled from A-Z,
      these large volumes were sold door to door to families.  Well, one must first ask WHY a door to
      door salesman would be doing this in a low income apartment complex.  And second, WHY
      would WE let the guy in our apartment?!  Anyway, he made such a great presentation that Robby
      quickly reached for our checkbook, wrote him a check and off he went.  I immediately
      turned to Robby as soon as the guy was out the door and said, "WHAT WERE YOU
      THINKING?!  We have no money.  Now, get out there and get that check back from him!"  Poor
       Hubby ran from the apartment, got the check back (much to the salesman's dismay...) and saved
       himself AND our budget!

2.  THE THROWN BOOTS OFF THE BALCONY:  Robby had (and still has...) this habit of
     leaving his shoes laying around wherever he takes them off in the house.  He kept doing that
     and one day I announced that I was throwing them off the balcony and HE could go get them;
     SURELY  this would "teach him a lesson" about not picking up his shoes.  Hmmm...while I was
     throwing them out, he quietly got up and pulled the chain lock over the door.  I can remember
     standing outside, peeking through that lock and him telling ME, I could go get his boots.  Well,
     lesson learned..."Don't sweat the small stuff!"  I got the boots!

3.  THE MEXICAN SALAD BOWL:  This is a confession because to date, I have never admitted
      where the "missing bowl" went.  Robby's mother had made a Mexican Salad and brought it to our
      house in a huge Tupperware bowl.  As a foreshadowing to the "science experiments" (that's what
      my family calls them...) I would grow throughout our marriage in the refrigerator, I left that bowl
      in there to ferment...for a pretty long time.  It was so bad when I took a peek in there that I
      decided it would be best if I just stuck it in the freezer and then I could pop the mess out.  That
      really didn't work out too well and we ended up throwing the entire bowl with everything in it
      out.  Whenever Robby's mother asked where her bowl was, we said, "What bowl??"  "Confession
      is good for the soul!"

4.  THE HOLE IN THE CLOSET DOOR:  Robby and I lived in a small...OK, very small, 
     one-bedroom apartment when we first got married.  The doors were paper thin and one day I threw
     the bedroom door open and it hit a closet door and the doorknob went right through it.  Fearing 
    that we wouldn't get our deposit back when we moved (or worse...get charged for the damages),
     Robby set to repairing the hole.  I, however, did not know this and came in and once again threw
    that door open (you would have thought I had learned my lesson...), just as Robby was finishing
    the repairs.  Well, you can guess what happened.  Yep!  The doorknob went right through the
    repaired hole.  Looking beat down, Robby simply shook his head, got up and gave up on the door.

5.  SPAGHETTI AND CORN DOGS:  When we got married, I didn't know how to do anything.  I    
     didn't know how to wash clothes and most especially I did NOT know how to cook.  So...I found a
    couple of things that I thought I could handle and well, let's say I cooked them a LOT!  Spaghetti 
     and Corn Dogs became my meals of choice.  Robby said he could smell one or the other cooking 
    every day when he climbed the stairs coming home from work.  He refuses to eat either one of 
     those foods these days; says he just can't stand the thought it of.  I mentioned the fact that he hid 
     the fact that he was getting sick of these dishes pretty well for a year.  His reply..."It was better 
     than nothing."


I will admit that some of Robby's favorite memories are shared ones of mine:


However, I have a couple of my very own favorites that when I reminded him of them, he had to
laugh as he remembered them as well.

4.  THE MOUSE IN THE HOUSE:  Although I had grown up in the country, I had never had an
     encounter with a mouse either inside or outside.  Naturally, when merely walking through the
     kitchen one morning before work and one scampered across my path, I did what most women
     running around the corner and asked me just WHY I was in the sink.  I told him about the mouse
     and he looked for it to no avail, saying that I probably didn't see one.  Hmph!  There was one thing
     for sure, I was NOT living in the same house with a mouse.  I went to the store that day and
     bought a mouse trap and that evening before bed placed a slice of cheese in it and set it right
     where I had seen that little rodent run.  Robby was watching me and asked if I though we were
     living in a cartoon, no mouse was going to eat that piece of cheese.  I wasn't discouraged.  I set it
     and went to bed. The next morning I could hardly wait to see if I had caught my mouse.  When I
     moved the table aside and looked down, I SCREAMED AGAIN!  With joy, that is, and ran off to
     announce my victory to my hubby.  I had caught the the trap...with a piece of cheese.
     He was surprised.  Never underestimate a woman (wink, wink...)!

5.  THE FALLING SHOWER CURTAIN:  Years ago I used to buy a product called, Skin So Soft
     from Avon.  For those of you who are not familiar with the product, it is a bath oil.  I would
     soak in that tiny tub, in that tiny bathroom where one could stand in the middle of it and touch
    all four walls.  And after I would drain my bath water, I would take a towel and dry the tub out
    because you see, that stuff was REALLY slippery.  One day, Robby was in a real rush to take his
    shower and was hurrying me to get out of there.  I told him I needed to wipe the tub out but he said
    he would do it.  I emphasized that it was really slippery and he once again nodded, said OK and
    shoved me out of there.  The first thing I heard was the shower water running.  The second thing I
    heard was a LOUD CRASH!  Running to open the door, I found my hubby (all 6 ft. 2 inches of
    him...) tangled up in the shower curtain AND rod laying across the bathroom floor!  I couldn't help
    it...I started laughing and could not stop.  Ya think her remembered to wipe the tub down from then

Memories...That's what life is; a compilation of memories that we can look back on and laugh about together.  That's what my BIG, FAT, SOUTHERN family is all about.  Making memories together and sharing the joy of life.  Go make some memories of your own and enjoy the act of just living and being EVERY DAY!

                                              MEMORIES THROUGH THE YEARS...

                                       MY BIG, FAT, SOUTHERN FAMILY...PRICELESS!

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