A "Different" November

November is typically the "official" beginning of the holiday season.  I'm generally busy  preparing for a big Thanksgiving lunch;  planning my menu, putting out decorations.  This year, however, brings about change.  For the first time ever, I already have half of my Christmas presents purchased along with wrapping paper just waiting to be wrapped and placed beneath the tree I traditionally put up on Thanksgiving afternoon.  Not only is that a first but another first is the fact that Hubby and I will be spending Thanksgiving by ourselves after many years of having huge celebrations.  It is the "every other year" for Justin, Sarah and Parker Ann, who will be spending the holiday with her parents and also for Ryan and Allison who will be doing the same.  David has to work and Caitlin and Kevin will be in Kentucky at his parents' house.  And so, I sit here wondering what to do with this quite unusual year...

The first thing I'm thinking of doing is, of course, getting ahead of the game by wrapping those presents so I can put them under the tree as soon as it is up.  Then, I plan on attempting to finishing ordering the rest of the presents I have to purchase, putting out my Christmas decorations early since I don't have to do Thanksgiving ones this year and getting my Christmas cards ordered and addressed.  I'm discovering that time alone is OK.  Now don't get me wrong...I still love our big, chaotic family times together but whenever it can't happen, it's OK.  It is still a time to reflect upon all we have to be thankful for.  Besides, we have a LOT to get organized before December gets here...Remember, little Lila Kate will be making her entrance into this world somewhere around the 24th!  And we are also busy planning a January baby shower for Ryan and Allison's first baby (due on March 8th) so this little lull is somewhat of a gift in the midst of everything that awaits us after Thanksgiving.

So, here's to a "different" November.  One that will serve to rest us up for what's to come afterwards...A baby, Christmas festivities, a new year, another baby and so much more... all blessings that we have to be thankful for.

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