A Walk Through Central Park...

Central Park is a wonderful way to spend a day while in New York City.  It gets you away from the hustle and bustle and noise that can be found in the city and I'm pretty sure if I lived in New York, I would be spending a great deal of time there.  Last Saturday found Hubby and me making our way though the park despite the cold temperature.  Along the way, I took a LOT of photographs that I would like to share with you.

Taking photographs just gives me so much joy and it is very relaxing.  I can find beauty in the most simple things behind the lens of a camera.  We started out on our walk through Central Park, with the goal of making it to The Boathouse for a little brunch.  Not only is The Boathouse a lovely, cozy little restaurant nestled inside Central Park that serves delicious food, they require no reservations, so Hubby and I walked in, asked for a table and were seated in under one minute!
                                  One of these days I'm going to row in one of those boats!
                                           Now do you see why I like this place so much?!

As I said,  the walk was beautiful.  I took a variety of photos of the park and the city since it was our last day there...
The Subway.  The only way to get around town if you live in or visit New York.  I've always wanted to get some black and white shots of the subway with no people in them.  I got my wish!
Isn't the park just as beautiful as I told you it was?

Then on the walk back through the city, I captured a few more of my favorite things...
A church.  Because I love churches and the architecture is so beautiful in old churches.  Every time I visit a new place and find a beautiful church, I will definitely be photographing it.
                                          Rockefeller Center because...It's Rockefeller Center!
              And I love the streets and apartment stoops that can be found within the city.
          And this storefront...I have always loved it and captured just the perfect picture!

It was a quick "Birthday Weekend" but so much fun!  And now time has raced by and another holiday season is right on my heels.  It's time to get geared up for a yummy Thanksgiving turkey this week and start listening to my Christmas music.  Here's wishing you a wonderful holiday season! 

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