Thankful For "Ordinary" Days That Become "Extraordinary"

Well, the "Holiday Season" is officially here with the passing of Halloween (one of my favorite holidays) and now the entrance of November with Thanksgiving soon to come.  Thus far in the deep south it has still been pretty warm.  That is, until Halloween when a wonderful cool front moved through that plunged the temperatures into the 50's during the day!  YAY!!!  Apparently someone told Mother Nature that it was officially the "Holiday Season" and she decided to blow some cool winds our way.  And, although our trees still hold their green leaves, this tiny little favor has put me in the holiday mood.  Cool mornings sipping hot coffee while enjoying the occasional fire ushers us into a month where we all become introspective, acutely aware of everything we have to be thankful for.

Often times we go about our lives in such a structured manner that we feel we don't have time to stop...and do something totally unplanned and be thankful for the ability to do so.  I'm guilty of it and so are most of you:  get up, go to work, do some chores around the house, fix dinner, hit the couch in the evening to watch some television, go to bed and then do it all again.  Day after day after day.  And Mondays are one of those days that starts the entire process over for most of us.  Let's face it, people move a little slower on Mondays and tend to stick more to their routines probably more than any other day of the week.  Last week was no different for me.  It started out with me attempting to catch up on the enormous amount of laundry the weekend had left me with, followed by a trip to the gym for my workout, then a few errands and finally picking Parker Ann up from carpool.  On my trip to drop Parker off to Sarah my phone rang.  It was the hubby who had called to ask what my plans were for the rest of the afternoon. Well...let's see, by the time I got home it would be four O'clock and then I had to make dinner.  He said, "Why don't we go over to the dock to fish for a while?"  I thought, "Sure!  Why not?"  And so in just that instance we turned an "ordinary Monday" into a "not so ordinary Monday".

                                              We drove our "Adventure Jeep" to the dock.
                                                 And promptly began to catch some fish!
    Not that I'm bragging or anything or that I caught the most fish BUT...I did catch the first one!
 How peaceful it is out in the middle of nowhere...on an ordinary Monday afternoon...on the dock fishing.
                                                God's paintbrush creates what no man can.

                                                          We went home with dinner!
      And seriously...There is no restaurant out there that can compare to this. (YUMMY!)

As we settle into this season, remember to give thank for the little things; for those are the things that truly matter.  Turning "ordinary" days into "extraordinary" ones.
                                                                    GIVE THANKS!

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