Babies, Beads, Candy and a REALLY Messy House!

As I said, all of my kids (4) and their spouses (3 in attendance) and grand kids (3) plus Hubby and me where at this house this past weekend...You do the math.  That's a LOT of people in one house for any amount of time.  But HEY!  That's how we roll and I wouldn't trade it for anything.  Now, these people come with a lot of noise, a lot of stuff (suitcases, baby equipment, etc.) and...a LOT of messes.  That's just how it is.  And I decided quite a while back that I would just let the house go whenever they were all in visiting because to stress out about a clean house with all of those people around is futile.  So, when Hubs walked through the living room Saturday night, he simply shook his head and said, "I would say we needed to pick up a bit, however, I don't think this house will ever be the same...I think we might just have to burn it to the ground and start over!"  I might insert here that this was after I had slipped on parade beads and almost broke my neck and Beckett HAD slipped on parade beads and bumped his head...and then Poppi finally picked them up stating their fun had run its course and put them on the counter.  Well, we played hard and got in as much "Fun Stuff" as possible while there were all here and, of course, I had my camera in tow to capture some of those moments.

One of the reasons Caitlin and Holli decided to visit at this time was because her high school was having its Homecoming football game with parade and all events that included.  She and Ryan both graduated from the same high school so he was on board to go to the game with us and then everybody else decided to join in on the fun as well!  Caitlin and I decided it would be fun to take Beckett and Holli to the Homecoming Parade so we packed them up and found a parking spot at a park on the parade route so the kids could play while we waited...

By the time the parade rolled around, all of the adults were worn out from chasing these two around the park, but they were so excited whenever they found out candy was involved...and we couldn't open it quick enough for them!
                                           Yes...Those are the beads that I was talking about!
 They were barely buckled into their car seats afterwards when we looked back and saw this.  Apparently parades wear you out.
 Before the game that night, everyone was fighting to get in my lap.  I asked Parker where Lila Kate and Baby#5 (she doesn't have a name yet) were going to sit.  She informed me that I would have to get a bigger chair...and longer arms.
 Saturday morning found us at the Junior League's annual Merry Market shopping for some Christmas goodies.  Parker Ann had gone earlier than us to attend the Character's Breakfast...That's why she is dressed in her Elsa costume.  As you can see, Beckett fell out pretty quickly and no amount of noise could wake him up.  I don't believe his parents when they tell me he's a wild child or never sleeps in his stroller.  Maybe I'm just the "Grand Baby Whisperer"?
                                         It wasn't long before Holli joined him in Dreamland...
        And Parker?  Just give that girl an i-phone with her games on it and she is totally content.
 Whenever they woke up from their naps, they were in awe looking at all of the Christmas decorations.
                          Parker Ann and Holli decided to try on these fun Christmas headband.
   And thought it would be funny to put one on Beckett's head too.  But he wasn't having it (Girls!).
Later that evening, we got everybody together to take a few family photographs.  Kevin was in Ohio working so we're hoping he can photo shop himself in.
It was a fun, busy, noisy and messy weekend and on Sunday afternoon whenever the last car pulled out of the driveway, guess what?  We didn't have to burn the house down!  All that "stuff" was theirs and they took it with them (whew!).  Hubby ambled out to the yard to piddle around, I grabbed a pillow, dimmed the lights and turned the television on and before I knew was nap time for me.  I have had a few days to catch up on my rest and am now gearing up for Halloween.  Not everyone will be here but we will still have just as much fun.  Families...You've gotta love 'em!

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