Books I Am Reading Or Have Read: "The Tidewater Sisters"

The final book in "The Sea Glass Sisters" trilogy, "The Tidewater Sisters",  written by Lisa Wingate,  was the perfect ending to this trio of books.  In "The Prayer Box", while on the run from her past with her children in tow, Tandi lands on Hatteras Island,  taking a job cleaning out Iola Anne's house after she passes away.  It is there where she discovers many years worth of letters placed inside "prayer boxes".  Reading these letters has finally allowed Tandi to believe that she can start her life over and she begins to have hope; she even finds love and becomes engaged.  And then just when everything begins to go right, her sister (who made an appearance in the previous book), in true form stirs up some problems and Tandi comes face to face with her past.

This book brings about many surprises for Tandi (and the reader) and as the story ties together in this final book, one comes to the realization that at some point a person must confront their past in order to be able to start over.  There might be things that are uncovered that are not pleasant but ignoring them and just hoping they will disappear will still leave trash in your life that needs to be cleaned up.  As I have said before, Wingate has such a gentle and positive manner of bringing to light ideas that are very relevant to our own lives.  How many times do we have issues with family or friends that have lasted a lifetime?  And, although at the time it appears to be easier to just look the other way, at some point, in order to move on, we have to confront those demons.  It is almost always unpleasant but a quite necessary task to embark upon.

If you enjoy a heartfelt, uplifting type of novel, you will enjoy these books by Lisa Wingate.  Their uplifting quality comes from the manner in which she seems to tie her characters' lives into common day situations with realistic solutions.  I have enjoyed reading these books and am happy that once again, someone threw this author's name out there for me to read!  I hope you will also pick up one of her books soon.  Have a WONDERFUL week as things begin to cool down and the fall holiday season begins...ahhh, my favorite time of the year...

                                                              HAPPY READING!!!

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