A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

When October rolls around, pumpkins begin to pop up everywhere.  Pumpkin drinks and food and baubles but the pumpkins I like best lie within their natural environment...the Pumpkin Patch!  Usually I just run down to one of the local churches to grab my pumpkins for the season but I found out there is a pumpkin patch out past my house.  So, knowing that Holli would be here this week, I decided it would be a fun little trip to take her out there.  Saturday morning, we hopped in the car (with camera in hand) and set out to find Anderson Farms.

Anderson Farms can be found on a winding country road in rural Louisiana.  I was only about a 40 minute ride from my house and well worth the trip.  Caitlin, Holli and I stayed and played for a while...and I got a few fabulous pumpkins for my front door too!
 When Holli saw the pumpkins there was no keeping her in a stroller...she was out and on the run!
                                        We did, however, grab her for a few photos with us.
               Most of the others we just snapped quickly since she was constantly moving.
Anderson Farms had a great selection of pumpkins.  What I loved was the fact that they had such a variety of pumpkins; not all were even orange!
                                             And lots of cute places set up for photographs.

                 There was also a Hay Maze set up for kids to try to make their way through...
                                                 What a great place for little ones to play!
                                And then there were the animals.  Holli loved the animals...
The turkey were making the most noise.  I suppose they know "their" holiday is right around the corner!

 We all had a great time and I think that Anderson Farms just might be a fall tradition we will continue for years to come...
                                                          Hey...HAPPY FALL, Y'ALL!!!

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