Fun With the Kiddies at the ZOO BOO!

It had probably been about 20 years since I had braved the lines at our local zoo to get in on all of the Halloween fun that was inside the gates.  You see, the last time I decided to attend this event I had four small children and well, let's face it,  standing in a long line just wasn't too much fun.  Apparently something has happened to me since becoming a YaYa and it was my idea to give it another whirl this year.

I called all of the kids and luckily all of the Grands were able to attend!  I decided that we should go on day 1, which was a Thursday,  and hopefully the lines wouldn't  be as long as they would on Friday and Saturday.  The gates didn't open until 6 but I thought it would be best to be there an hour early.  When we pulled up, it was clear we needed to quickly secure our place in line...which already stretched around the corner...
                  This was the line in front of us that wrapped around the side of the zoo.
And this was the line behind us!  Beyond them are the metal barriers that people have to walk through (Disneyland-ish style); thank goodness we had gotten there an hour early!

                                                   Beckett came dressed as an astronaut.
                                                      Parker Ann was Elsa from Frozen.
We had to come up with a kitty cat costume for Holli since this was a last minute thing we decided to do and she had left her costume in Ohio.
    The entire zoo was decorated and so festive.  The Zoo Boo is the largest fundraiser our zoo has.
A treat bag was given to each child when they walked through the gate and there were many candy stops along the way.

In the middle of the zoo there were games set up for the children to play and even some dancing witches on a stage...
                                                                     The Hay Maze.
                                                                   And Noodle Maze.
                                                 And LOTS of places for great photo ops!
  Can you tell that Parker was having a little trouble keeping these two in one place?! (He-He)
                                                             Time for a "Candy Break"!
                                             Parker said she HAD to stop here for a photo!
         And Poppi and Beckett got a shot with the Ninja Turtles (His Dad's favorite!)

                      Parker Ann and Holli wanted to dance with the witches...And they did!

Some people may complain about the long lines and waiting and I can surely understand that but at the end of the day, what else do you have to do?  OK, I realize that this is a YaYa talking but truly, the important things in life are those you surround yourself with; family.  These moments only last for a while and you can never get them back.  I thought the Zoo Boo was so much fun and could tell by the kids' faces that they did too.  I'm glad we participated in it this year and think we just might do it again!
                                                       HAPPY HALLOWEEN WEEK!

                                   Now, go out and make some memories with YOUR family!


  1. Looked like fun. I have to ask, just how many Elsa's were there?