What Was Life Like Before "Grands" (Number 5 is it a...He or She?)

Often times I wonder what life was even like before we had "Grands".  I remember wanting to be a YaYa so bad I didn't know what to do.  If I could have waved a magic wand and made it happen quicker, I would have.  And now that we have 3 and are expecting Number 4 (Lila Kate) and Number 5 (to be revealed in this post...) I can't even remember (nor do I want to) what it was like without all these precious babies in my life.

Children bring such awe and innocence into our lives.  When we are consumed by the world and all of its madness, things just seem to slow down when children are added into the daily mix.  I'm pretty much a hands-on grandparent, sitting and reading, playing, painting, eating lunch in the tree house and pretending.  I LOVE these things.  I love them not only because I am making memories and a relationship with my Grands but I love escaping the every day issues that weigh me down.

I don't really ever say "No" to the Grands either.  Now don't get me wrong; I will tell them "no" if they are doing something they shouldn't be doing or getting into something that might hurt them.  That's not the kind of "no" I'm talking about.  I don't tell them:  No, I don't have time to play with you right now or No, you can't help me cook or No, you can't spend the night with me; I just don't tell them "no" because I feel so blessed to have them in my life and they add such value to my life, I want to spend every minute with them that I can.

I realize that I have probably said this before but it warrants mentioning again...Grands are different than your own children.  Not better or worse but just different.  By the time one becomes a grandparent, they have gotten older and things have generally slowed down in their lives and there seems to suddenly be more time to just sit, relax and enjoy those children.  And so whenever one of my children tell me they are expecting another baby, I get super excited.  Excited for the adventure they are about to embark up and excited for the new member that is about to be added into the mix of this BIG, FAT SOUTHERN FAMILY!  Yesterday we found out what "Grand Number 5" will be and could not be happier...
    Now that Allison is at the half-way point of her pregnancy, she had her 1st ultrasound.
                                                        Grand Number 5 is a GIRL!!!

Robby said he will now be living in an "Estrogen House" (He-He!!).  I told him it's only fitting because I lived in a "Testosterone House"(wink-wink!).  All kidding aside though, we are SO excited for Ryan and Allison and cannot WAIT to get our hands on yet another sweet baby girl.  Now, I've gotta go start knitting on the next baby blanket!!!

GRAND COUNT:  Girls 4...Boys 1
Who's up to bat next?!

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