Time For The Parish Fair!

Each year in October the Parish Fair arrives.  And each year for...EVER we have made a trip to it.  The food, the rides, the animals...did I mention the food?!  Well, this year, our Fair moved to a different location; I think it had been at the previous location at least since I was a child.  So, we drove a little further and found that the new location wasn't so bad except for the fact that the animals were WAY on the other side and I didn't feel well enough to make it over there.  In truth, I didn't feel well enough to even be going to the Fair since I had fought a terrible head ache all day long.  However, I had promised Parker Ann that we would go so I took all kinds of medication and we headed out there around 5:30.  OH...and in Louisiana one can never tell if "Fair Weather" will feel like fall or summer; this year it felt like summer (sigh...)

Ryan and Allison rode with us and we met Justin, Sarah and Parker Ann there and I knew right away, when Parker came running toward me with a HUGE smile on her face that this was the perfect thing to be doing on an October evening, even if I didn't feel the best.

SO...what did we do out there?  Well, everything that Parker wanted to, of course!
 The first thing Parker wanted to do was to go though the Fun House.  With the two preggos and me not feeling very well, Justin and Uncle Ryan Poo got to take her on the rides.
                           The next thing that attracted her attention was all the games...
                                            "Mommy, I want to play the Ring Toss Game!"
   Her Poppi and daddy walked up to make sure she would get a fair shake on playing this game.
     See?  Poppi is talking to the guy about how the rings had to land in order to get a prize.
                                                          And then the tossing began!
 We bought an entire bucket of rings...and, of course, EVERYBODY had to attempt to ring a bottle.  As predicted, not one bottle caught a ring (BOO!).
                                      However, the Duck Game was a little more successful...
                                  Resulting in a PRIZE!  And that's what it's all about, isn't it?!
Uncle Ryan got chosen to ride the Pink Elephant ride with Parker (Just getting you ready for that little girl you're expecting!).
And we were all in shock when she announced that she wanted her daddy to ride the Ferris Wheel with her!
And then the "Fair Food Eating" began...With Robby's traditional Candy Apple.  Ryan stood close by watching to see if there would be any dental repair needed afterwards (He-He!).
I snagged the only healthy thing I could find out there and Robby insisted on snapping a picture of my with that Turkey Leg (sorry for no smile but the head ache drugs were beginning to kick in).
                                                Allie said, "Baby" wanted a Funnel Cake!
                                                And then it was time for the Cotton Candy...

And then we headed home.  Where everyone then headed back to Natchitoches.  That is everyone but Parker Ann, who spent the night with us.  After eating all that sugar.  Well played parents, well played.  Fortunately, the sugar did not prevent her from quickly falling asleep and we could say we had one more year of the Parish Fair under our belt. 
                                   On the way home, I captured this beautiful October sunset.

         I had so much fun just making memories with my BIG, FAT SOUTHERN FAMILY!

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