Can You Fly By the Seat of Your Pants?

My guys are hunters.  I realize that some of you many not understand that, but remember, we live in the south, in a state whose motto is:  "Sportsman's Paradise".  And so, each fall they usually not only hunt locally but also take some time out for hunting trips.  This year it was to Kansas and Illinois.  Justin actually went with Robby to Illinois for a week and I would like to say that I really caught up on a lot around here and got things done but the truth of the matter is that I dilly dallied around a bunch.  Just keeping it honest, y'all.  I "should have" finished organizing the attic but I found more pleasure in knitting Baby Number 5's blanket while catching up on my taped television shows and attempting to finish a good book I'm reading.  And so it goes in "A Day in the Life of a Mom"...well, at least THIS mom.

Anyway, the hunters are back and next on the agenda is Hubby's birthday.  I had this wonderful idea to take a little trip to celebrate it this year and he was all on board with my suggestion.  We will be heading to New York City for a long birthday weekend.  And I am so excited!  Not only because I LOVE visiting New York but because this is also my favorite time of year there.  They will have all those lovely colored leaves that we don't have here, crisp temperatures so we can wear our jackets and scarves and the ice skating rinks will be up (although you will never catch me out there on the ice).  And our plans?  That's the best part about this little weekend trip...We have none!  I just love "Flying By the Seat of My Pants"!  I know, I know, some of you "planners" are cringing at the thought of that but really, you should try it is so much fun!

The best part about making no plans is the fact that you can truly enjoy the moment, stopping to see and do things along the way without worrying about where you have to be at a certain time.  And truth be told, this type of traveling is more my forte' than Hubby's and I'm a little surprised that he agreed to go along with it so easily.  We have traveled to New York many times and seen so much that we are now at the point of going back to do things we really loved, like spending a day in Central Park (yes, one can spend an entire day there), popping in to The Boathouse for a little brunch and just riding the subway here and there to places we want to get to.  I foresee a really nice little weekend getaway for the two of us to celebrate Hubby's birthday.

"Flying by the Seat of You Pants"...Can you do that?  Would you do that?  You really should try it sometimes!

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