Can Broken Be Beautiful?

One usually does not think of broken things as being beautiful.  Oh, we remember them as being beautiful before someone broke them...but afterwards?  I am reminded of the children's rhyme about Humpty Dumpty:

                             HUMPTY- DUMPTY SAT ON A WALL
                             HUMPTY- DUMPTY HAD A GREAT FALL
                             ALL THE KING'S HORSES AND ALL THE KING'S MEN

What a terrible picture that paints.  Some big ole egg climbs up on a wall, who knows what for.  Perhaps just to rest for a bit or to see something in the distance.  But whatever the reason, while up there he gets off balance and falls off to his demise.  I can see those kings men running over and surrounding him, discussing how they can fix him.  But they can't.  He's just too broken.

Do you know someone or have you ever felt this way before?  Broken.  Perhaps someone has hurt you; a spouse, a child, a friend and you feel like the rug has been pulled out from underneath your feet.  You feel broken.  And no one you know can put you back together again, try as they might.  In the midst of this I have good news for you; the King can do it!  Keep your eyes focused on Christ and He is the only one capable of fixing broken things...and making them beautiful.

The song, "Broken Beautiful" by Ellie Holcomb is a wonderful reminder of this and I hope you listen to it and remember that GOD CAN MAKE BROKEN THINGS BEAUTIFUL.

                                   CLICK HERE: BROKEN BEAUTIFUL (Ellie Holcomb)
                                   I hope that you will be humming this song all day long...

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