Mani/Pedi Can Brighten a Gloomy Day

This week here in Louisiana has been blah...  It has been cold (ugh).  And rainy (yuck).  And I have been struggling with this awful sinusitis (boo).  I only got to work out on Monday and today I woke up with a head and ear ache.  After taking some medicine and drinking a couple cups of hot coffee, I find myself still sitting in bed watching some of my taped television shows (please don't judge, I don't do this often).  However, on Monday, while I was out and the gloominess was beginning to overtake this lovely, warm state I live in, I decided to brighten things up a bit with a manicure and pedicure.

Every other week I treat myself to this little luxury.  Mostly because having a mani/pedi can brighten almost any day for me.  I give myself an hour to sit and read while having it done and generally turn my phone on silent so I can enjoy the full benefits of this little self-pampering ritual.

With this week being so gloomy, I decided to brighten things up a bit with some of my favorite Essie nail polishes. 

On my toes is "Mod Squad".  A really vibrant pink that make me think of warmer temperature that will hopefully return in a couple of months.
And on the nails I took inspiration from a pin on Pinterest.  The nail shop chose a pale pink base color and I provided the golds I wanted to use:  "Good As Gold" on the tips and "Rock At The Top" for the one nail that has gold glitter on it.  These colors put a little sparkle in my gloomy day.

And, I actually got another couple of tasks completed also.  I am preparing for Allison's baby shower this month and the theme is "Pink and Gold".  Everything will be pink, cream and gold and I can't wait to share photos of the event with y'all!  Since I had taken all of my Christmas mantle decorations down, I went ahead and decorated the mantle in the room where the shower will be held...
   It's a good start and in the days ahead, I will be adding touches here and there for the special event.

I also decided to get started on my Mardi Gras decorating by decorating the mantle in my den...
The string of purple, gold and green lights I was going to add to this was unfortunately burned out, however, when I'm feeling a little better, I will be heading out to replace them.

I realize that these are just small things but they really did help to brighten such a gloomy week here.  Here's hoping for a sunnier rain...warmer temperatures...and getting over this sickness.  OK, so, a girl can wish, can't she?!
                                                                HAPPY FRIDAY!

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