A False Spring

As I sit here this morning...lighting the fire once again and watching this huge winter storm dump snow on parts of the country, I remember last week.  When we, here in the south, were tricked for a moment into thinking that spring had actually arrived.

And, although I knew it was merely a trick that Mother Nature was playing on us, I took full advantage of the 75 degree, sunny weather.  I had not been to Kees Park in Pineville for many years and had no idea of all the improvements that had been made.  Caitlin, Holli and I arrived first and called Sarah to see if she felt like joining us after Parker Ann got out of school.  Needless to say, we all enjoyed being outside in the warm weather.  At one point, I just laid down on a bench, closed my eyes and soaked up the warmness.  Thinking of warmer days ahead and perhaps even a trip to the beach.  Daydreaming, if you will.  I did bring my camera along and snapped a few photos.  If you are sitting somewhere freezing in the snow right now maybe these will help to warm you up...

                                    My view from the bench.  Nothing but blue skies.  Ahhh...
         There really is nothing like swinging.  Yep...I got in one too and flew through the air too!
                                              Such sweet girls and already close cousins.
    Lila Kate took a place beside me on the bench.  But it won't be long before she joins the others.

Well, I hope that these photos warmed you up just a bit, even with the news that that old groundhog gave us this week; 6 more weeks of winter (ugh...).  But that's OK, because I know that here in the south we will have a few more "False Springs" before the real one arrives!

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