Birthday Fun!

In this family, we truly never get tired of birthdays.  Yes...even the adults!  And this past week it was MY birthday and I have celebrated for days now.  And am not sure that I'm finished yet.  Thursday was the actual day and it started with stopping by a local bakery to pick up some Paleo treats that Caitlin had ordered for me...
Wrapped in this pretty package, I didn't wait long before I broke into it to see what goodies lay in store for me.
                                                  OH.  MY.  GOSH!!!  Where to start?...
                                                  A CHOCOLATE PALEO CUPCAKE?!
 OK, so, to be totally honest with you...that cupcake was GONE by 11 a.m.  And it was AMAZING!

I had a meeting that day but I didn't care; that cupcake I had eaten made everything good.  After my meeting, I went home and jumped onto the computer to see that SO MANY PEOPLE had sent me birthday wishes on Facebook.  WOW!  Makes a girl feel good.  I was still fiddling around on my computer when Hubby came home with my birthday present...
This awesome new printer for my photos!  I can send photos not only from my computer to print but also from my camera and phone.  I so love this and cannot wait to have a moment to sit down and print some of my favorite photos I've taken of the Grands and beautiful spots around the world I've visited.

Then, Hubby asked where I would like to dine that evening and I chose The Red River Grill in Marksville.  It wasn't crowded on a Thursday night and the food was OH, SO GOOD, as usual...

I had a wonderful time on my birthday but by Saturday was pretty worn out.  We spent the day at home; Hubby working out in his shop and me lounging in my recliner, knitting and watching movies.  Oh yea...and making the yummiest homemade vegetable soup with Paleo cornbread muffins (I will blog about this delicious meal later in the week).

And it was a good thing I had rested up on Saturday because Sunday was another big day.  After church, Hubby made lunch for the crew (11 on this particular day) and had a birthday cake for me!
                        This was the most colorful and happiest birthday cake I have ever had!
                       Yep...That's my middle child that hopped in the picture at the last minute.

See!  It was a rainbow cake.  Hubby said because it reflected my artsy, hippy personality.  I'll take that as a compliment!

I LOVED my birthday!  I LOVED my birthday party!  I LOVED my birthday cake!  But most of all I LOVE getting to spend it with the ones I LOVE! 

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