Valentine's Day Weekend in The Big Easy...

Having been in a "funk" for a while, the hubby thought it would be a great idea to get me out of town for the weekend.  Since Justin and Sarah were going to be moving into their new remodel here in town, he suggested we take Parker Ann with us and also visit David, Codi and Beckett.  His thought pattern was:  Surely the grand kids can get her out of this.  So, we checked Parker out of school early and hit the road Friday afternoon heading for New Orleans.  It wasn't until we hit the tremendous amount of traffic that it occurred to me that this was Mardi Gras Weekend...yea, the one right before Fat Tuesday.  The one we ALWAYS try to avoid.  WHAT.  WERE.  WE.  THINKING?!

Luckily, our hotel was close to David and Codi's apartment, in River Ridge, and we didn't have to actually go into the city.  However, that didn't mean there weren't parade routes all around us.  We would have to do some creative driving to avoid all of that but it was doable.  Parker Ann was extremely excited to 1:  Get checked out of school early and 2.  Getting to go to New Orleans with Poppi and YaYa and sleep in a hotel. 

We arrived sort of late but Beckett was still up waiting for us and met us at the door with a big smile on his face.  He was ready to play!  After visiting for a while, we headed over to our hotel, where Parker Ann was elated that she had a "couch bed" to sleep on for 2 NIGHTS.  We made plans to go to City Park the next day.

Unfortunately, City Park was closed.  You got it...because of Mardi Gras.  All of the big floats were lined up over there so we had to think of another plan quickly.  The Audubon Zoo it was.  The weather was "perfect" February weather in south Louisiana; in the 70's!  And the kids (and adults, alike...) enjoyed the day outdoors.

I started the day off with my ripped jeans and Starbucks.  A Skinny Cinnamon Dolce' Latte...with whipped cream.  Because it was Valentine's Day.  And I had worked hard in the gym this week.  And when one had been in a "funk" this drink makes everything right.  Right?!
 And I polished Parker Ann's fingernails with my special polish from Julep.  Look closely, there are red hearts in the polish!
                                           The sunshine.  The Grands.  Best medicine ever.
                         Watching these two play brought a lift to my spirit and smile to my face.
       Later that evening,  Poppi took his two girls out for a Valentine's Day Dinner at P.F. Chang's.
And then to Sucre' for dessert!  If you ever go to New Orleans you MUST make a trip there.  Trust me.  Just do it.

Meanwhile, while we were basking in the warm weather, the poor Ohioans were in the midst of a winter storm...
       That looks pretty terrible, doesn't it?  And totally the reason for people retiring to the south!

However, Cupid warmed my heart up with this little photo...
Holli does quite a bit of modeling for different companies.  In this photo, she is modeling the scarf from Lemons and Lace and the crown from Love Crush Bowtique.  This, too, brought a smile to my face.
And definitely not be left out was this photo Sarah sent me of sweet, Lila Kate, sporting her Mardi Gras outfit.

I think the hubby was right.   The cure for the "funk" was definitely some time spent playing with the Grands. 

Here's my "Monday Flowers" from last week.  I bought them while grocery shopping.  My treat to myself.  I hope your Monday and entire week is wonderful!

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