Monday Flowers and Fat Tuesday

Grocery shopping had become such drudgery to me that I had pretty much stopped going on a regular basis and just popped in for meals.  I'm sure none of you have been there.  Anyway, last week I decided that I would try to make an attempt to do better at this buying food so we can eat thing.  And just as I walked into the grocery store I saw the floral department.

I began to peruse the flowers and found that simply doing so was really improving my mood.  I decided to go ahead and make it through the store, gathering up what I needed and then go back and pick myself out a bouquet.  I put all of the groceries in the back of my vehicle while I carefully placed the flowers on the front seat beside me.  They were bright and cheerful and I was really happy that I had made that purchase.

This week, keeping with my promise to myself to get into a Monday routine of grocery buying, I did the same thing as the week before.  I first visited the floral department, deciding on my favorites and then did my shopping.  After such a warm, beautifully sunny weekend, the beginning of this week had turned gray, wet and cold but I was going to brighten it up with another fresh bouquet of flowers.  I think this just might become a new Monday ritual, this buying myself flowers each week...
                               And because it's Fat Tuesday, there is a little mask stuck in there.

Monday flowers really do make grocery shopping so much better.  And do you know what adds even more to the Monday flowers?  The Starbucks that can also be purchased while I do my shopping.  Hey...whatever it takes!

                                                          HAPPY FAT TUESDAY!!!

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