Drawing Inspiration From a 1 Year Old

It had been quite a while since I had picked up my watercolors.  Life had just gotten too busy.  WHAT?!  Did I just say that?  Life had gotten too busy to paint (sigh...)?  It wasn't that I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it and how it truly relaxed me...it was that I had just gotten into this funk.  And when I get to that place I just don't feel like doing much.  However, my daughter-in-law sent me some photos of my grandson finger painting yesterday and it made me smile.  And as I looked more closely at him creating his masterpiece, I, myself became inspired to pick my own paints up again.

                   There's just something about putting your fingers in paint and getting messy...
        Now, I like the way he paints in the true fashion of an artist (almost nude).  He-He!
                                          He's seriously getting into his "creativity mode".
                                                          SO...What do ya think?

Whenever I Face Timed him that evening, the first thing he ran to show me was his beautiful new piece of artwork.  And I said I LOVED it!

And so I picked those watercolors up and began to work on my own project.  It is not finished by a long shot but it is serving its purpose.  It had given me some relaxation and peace.  And that's enough.
Here's my watercolor work in progress.  Oh, how I love to look at that messy palette.  All of the disorder and mixing of colors somehow makes sense to me.  Thanks, Beckett.  Thanks for giving YaYa the inspiration she needed to pull those paints out again.

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