Jet Lagged Or Not...Here We Come! (sigh...)

After that whirlwind of a trip to Vegas BOY WAS I TIRED (yawn...).  But jet lagged or not, the end of the school year was pushing ahead full force!  The morning after arriving home I was at Parker Ann's school at 8 a.m. for her end of the year program.

  Each child had a letter of the alphabet to present by singing a solo.  Parker Ann's was the letter "D".
                                I LOVE this and think she did FANTASTIC for her first solo!
After the program I took a few snapshots.  This is Parker with her teacher.  I actually taught at Parker's school with her teacher once.  We love Mrs. Neal and had a wonderful year with her.
Of course, I had to get a photo of Little Miss Priss and me.  Just look at that smile...What a doll she is!

This program was just so precious and I would not have missed it for anything in the world...including jet lag!  Sleep could wait a few more hours.  Or days as things would eventually turn out (yawn...).

The rest of the week and the following one continued to be just as busy with Parker Ann's Field Day and dance recital.
When I arrived for Field Day, the kids were out on the tennis court playing in the bouncer and on the water slides.
                             They moved from there to get tattoos and have some ice cream!

The action then turned to the gym, where they played with balls, nets and hula hoops while some pretty hopping music played on the loud speakers...

Go forward a few more days and it was dance recital time.  I love dance recital because it just brings back so many memories of when Caitlin was younger and took dance lessons.  Parker Ann is taking from the same studio that Aunt CaCa did!
                                 She did two dances this year; in the first dance she was a ladybug!
                                            In the second one she was a beautiful butterfly.

Parker Ann did a great job at her dance recital and I enjoyed being in the audience once more, watching the magical world of dance.  After the recital we went back to Justin and Sarah's house, where we ate an early dinner...and took a few more photographs!

As I reflected on the day later, I wondered where the time had gone.  We all know that time waits for no one, but WOW, it seemed as though Parker Ann was just a baby yesterday and next year she will be entering Kindergarten.  I'm so glad that I live close to her and get to see her often.  How lucky I am to be this little girl's YaYa...

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