My Gypsy Life

I once referred to myself as a gypsy, living out of my suitcase more often than not.  I didn't travel much during the winter months but when spring arrived so did my wandering spirit.  First up was Miami...again!

As you know, I traveled to Miami for a few days with the Hubs and another couple to do a little fishing, sunning, bike riding and plain old enjoying the warm weather there.  Well, that trip was a sort of spur of the moment thing that we planned and I had already planned a week long stay with Caitlin and Holli.  I pretty much came home long enough to wash some of the clothes that were in my suitcase, repack them and hop another plane.

Caitlin and I started this little mother/daughter trip to Miami each spring whenever she was in high school.  It was a place where we could go to get away from everything and everyone during her spring break from school.  A place where we bonded and laughed and talked about important things and silly ones as well.  It was a place that we had missed visiting terribly since she had gotten married, moved to Cleveland and given birth to Holli.  She begged for me to take them there last year but I knew that Holli was not ready for a trip like that.  But this was time to resurrect our girls' trip!

Caitlin and Holli flew from Cleveland and I from Louisiana and met there.  Their plane had delays so I arrived before they did and although it was about 11:30 pm when they finally arrived, we were so excited to be Miami!  We slept in the next morning and then headed to the bistro next door for breakfast...
       This is one of the thing I love best about Miami; eating at the outdoor bistros for every meal!

After breakfast it was time to get those swimsuits on and head to the beach and pool, in no particular order...

                             Once again we were staying at the beautiful Loews Miami Hotel.
                                                  Does she look beach ready or what?!
And this little girl LOVED playing in the warm sand and sun.  I know she must have been thinking, "And we live in the snow?!  WHY?"
And her mommy?  She couldn't wait to order that first virgin pina colada on the beach.  There was one to follow each day afterwards also.  It's the little things, people...especially for pregnant women.
I brought a Puddle Jumper for Holli and she was able to play in the pool to her heart's content.  The great thing about the Loews is that it has a wonderful pool.  One side is a shallow kiddie area where we stayed with Holli.
Caitlin brought this cute alligator float with her and they blew it up at the pool for us.  And yes, you will notice that this baby has quite a lot of bathing suits for someone who lives in an area that has a very short swimming season.  I suppose it's her mother's southern heritage; all southern girls MUST have lots of swim suits for the summer!
     And believe me, Holli made LOTS of friends at the kiddie pool with this cute float!
On the weekend, the pool area cranked it up with music and a sno cone and cotton candy stand.  Yes...we HAD to get some.

Tired after busy days of playing in the sand and waves and pool.  And eating all that cotton candy and sno cones, Holli would take an afternoon nap while we dressed for dinner each day...
                         Ahhh...the pink sponge curlers.  How many of you remember those?

And evenings were wonderful.  There was always a cool breeze blowing at night while we sat outside to eat our dinner on Lincoln Road or Espanola Way and people watch.
This trip was just what we all needed.  We lived on beach time.  Relaxed and enjoyed playing and laughing in the sun and sand.  I miss my daughter living here because she is just too far away for me to hop in the car and be able to see her in a few hours.  I was both rested and tired at the same time because I wanted to soak up every single moment with these two.  The next time I would see them in person would most likely be in June.  In the meantime?  Hubby called to say that he had booked a trip for our anniversary.  We would be leaving two days after I returned!  You see what I mean?  Gypsy.

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