Mother's Day in Vegas

Now typically I would not be spending Mother's Day in Vegas.  This year, however, almost everyone seemed to have something going on so Hubs booked this little weekend getaway for our anniversary.  I'll have to admit it was sorta weird not being around my kids this year but every single one of them called and texted me that day so it was still special, just in a different kinda way.

I slept in that morning and when I awoke, Hubby had already been out for a walk and scoped some things out for us to do.  First on the agenda was brunch.  We walked to the beautiful Wynn Hotel, where we opted not to eat the popular Mother's Day Brunch Buffet but instead we visited another restaurant there for a sit down meal that was just as lovely.

After brunch, we started our walk back and noticed that it had warmed up considerably since the day we arrived and people at the Wynn were starting to gather around the pool.  We decided we would head back to the Venetian and do the same.
                                                       Pretty awesome pool area, huh?!

After spending a couple of hours by the pool, we decided to do some walking around town.  Look what caught our eye!
             Of course, Hubby had to have their famous Frozen Hot Chocolate...YUMMY!!!

After getting that little "pick-me-up", we shopped around a bit at Caesar's Palace shopping center and then at the Venetian.  I think every hotel now has its own shopping center and in all reality, with all of the restaurants, shopping, spas and pools, one might never even leave where they are staying.

This was a whirlwind of a trip but OH SO MUCH FUN!  33 years and counting...Life with this guy is WONDERFUL!

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